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Activity Report

The 12th APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group meeting,21 -22 August, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

21-22 August 2017 (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

The 12th APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group Meeting was held on 21 and 22 August in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. The second EPWG meeting in the year 2017 was attended by 11 economies, JICA, Asian Foundation and so on. The host economy gave the welcome remarks from Mr. Tran Quang Hoai, Director General, Directorate of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Mr. Lê Thanh Liêm, Vice-Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee.

Mr.Hoai, reported that in Viet Nam,DRR department of MARD, Ministry of Agriculture and rural development has been upgraded as a new department VNDIMA,Viet Nam Disaster Mamagement Authority, on 18th August. In the session, details of the new VNDMA were shared with throught the meeting.Peru, the host for 2017, which could not attend the EPWG meeting in January due to the severe flood, reported this time the outcome of the Peru year

A series of presentation were then made by Viet Nam regarding the key themes for the 11th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum, SDMOF 11, scheduled in September, Vinh City, Nghe An province. Mr. Tran Quang Hoai, Director General-Directorate of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Permanent member of Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control moderated the discussion. A seriese of presentations on science and technology were made by Viet Nam.  Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology presented a research by using space technology for disaster prevention and control by referring also to Sentinel Asia. Other econoimes and non-APEC organizations then presented their inputs and shared their ideas and suggestions for organizing the SDMOF.
ADRC reported about the APEC project of Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience through Effective Infrastructure Investment aincluding the workshop scheduled in Spetember, and invited member ecoonmies' wide participation. Also, MLIT,Japan briefed on CTI activities regarding" Workshop on Capacity Building for Quality Infrastructure Investment in Rapidly Urbanizing APEC Region" and discussed possibilities for cross fora collaboration regarding infrastructure issue. 

Economies then shared recent experiences of natural disasers and policies including updates of policy development from Australia and recent disasters from New Zealand, Peru. Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Viet Nam and China. Japan, after a brief report on the heavy rainfall that hit Kyhushu, reported about commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Kathleen in 1947 this year and the 80th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Awaji flood in 1937 in the following year, and stressed the importance of learning from the disasters in the past as well as in other economies, so as to raise awareness of their individual colleagues including financial authorities by reminding them of possibilities of mega disasters . Co-chaires then proposed economies to discuss the draft outcome paragraphs from the group for the leaders' declaration for the year Viet Nam, followed by discussion.

Papua New Guinea, the host economy for 2018, proposed the schedule of 2018 and key policy concerns, and informed that APEC meetings in 2018 would be coordinated by Climate Change and Development Authority, CCDA, together with Natural Disaster Center, NDC.

At the end of Day2, Chinese Taipei proposed to discuss an concept of "Plant Back Better", or effective recovery and reconstruction by planning vegetables, and shared a good practice in Canbodia of successful income generation in the affected areas through PBB. During the discussion, ADRC suggested that PBB could be a recovery solution for diverse social contexts by referring to a case from Hyogo prefecture, which faces a completely different realty from that of Canbodia, since the affected population there is largely elderly and they thus planted trees instead of restatring agriculture.

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