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Activity Report

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) participated in AMCDRR held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 3-6 July. ADRC participated in several ways:
(1) Presentation on community resilience on a pre-conference event
(2) Individual meetings with ministers of each member country and other organizations:
- Ministry of Social Welfare in Myanmar
- National Emergency Management Agency in Mongolia
- National Disaster Management Centre in the Maldives
- Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
- Delegation from Turkey
(3) Announcement of the Official Statement
(4) Thematic event: Presentation on Best Practices for Sentinel Asia in Technology and Innovation
(5) Support for the Sentinel Asia exhibit
(6) Presentation on GLIDE on the Ignite Stage

Before opening main conference, Mr. Suzuki, executive director of ADRC, gave a presentation on community resilience at the pre-conference event, as shown in (1). ADRC also had several individual meetings with ministers as shown in (2). In those meetings, ADRC expressed appreciation for the countries' support for the visiting researcher program, discussed DRR projects accomplished in each member country, and discussed future cooperative projects. In the Official Statement (3), Mr. Suzuki spoke about promoting efforts to achieve unified disaster information.
ADRC is a member of Sentinel Asia, and gave a presentation on the response to flooding in Myanmar and developing standard operating procedures (SOP) for Sentinel Asia activity during the Thematic Event on "Technology and Innovation" (4). ADRC also supported an exhibit on Sentinel Asia (5). Finally, ADRC has proposed the use of a globally common Unique ID code for disasters, known as GLIDE, and this was presented on the Ignite Stage (6).
The closing ceremony was held on 6 July, at which the Ulaanbaatar Declaration, which included statements regarding the promotion of the use of science technology for DRR, was adopted.
It was also announced that the next AMCDRR will be held in Australia in 2020.

(2018/7/25 18:30)
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