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Activity Report

26 March 2019(Seoul, Republic of Korea)

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), National Disaster Management Center of China (NDRCC), Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management, UN office for Disaster Risk Reduction Office for Northeast Asia and Global Education & Training Institute for DRR (UNISDR ONEA-GETI), and South Korean Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) participated in the joint meeting of Three Education and Training Institutes of Disaster Management held on 26 March in Seoul. The meeting was chaired by Dr. KO Kwang-deok, Director, Department of Political Affairs, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat TCS. The three education and training institutes on disaster management, that is, ADRC, NDRCC, and UNISDR ONEA-GETI, introduced their plans for possible collaboration. Based on those presentations, the participants further discussed feasible joint projects that could be developed to follow up on the Joint Statement of the 5th Trilateral Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management in September 2017.  ADRC's Executive Director Koji Suzuki gave a presentation on ongoing capacity development programs supported by JICA and possible capacity development programs for space-based technology applications in Sentinel Asia platform, describing these as feasible projects under the trilateral cooperation framework. The participating organizations and TCS agreed to further discuss possible opportunities for substantive collaboration. The next Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management will be held in Korea in autumn 2019.

Training_of_Trainers_Philippines.jpg14 March 2019 (Philippines, Makati) 

The Training of Trainers for "Promotion of Disaster Education of Schools" project was held in Makati city, Philippines, on 14th March 2019. It was organized in cooperation with SEEDS Asia, Department of Education, and Makati City Government. 9 trainers from Makati city from Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, League of Barangays, Information and Community Relations Department, Urban Development Department, and Department of Education Makati City Division attended this workshop. Japanese expert, Ms. Saki Arima from SEEDS Asia made a lectures using the hazard simulation models which present hazard mechanisms, impacts and protective measures. Also as a result of discussion, the next seminar will be held with targeting the school teacher of Grade 7-10. 
(Note: This project is part of the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Projects and aimed to promote disaster education in ASEAN countries through such means as training of school teachers followed by school lessons facilitated by trained teachers.)
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