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Activity Report

Songkla, Thailand, 19-20 July 21, 2010


Thailand's Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), Ministry of Interior and Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) organized a workshop targeting  local government officials in its southern province Songkla.

On 19-20 July 2010, a total of 30 local officials gathered at a Songkla Campus of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Academy in the province to take lectures on disaster risk management and countermeasures and visit disaster-prone areas for making hazard maps.

With the lead by experienced Trainers, who are government officials themselves, the workshop brought about active participation in the program which was co-developed by DDPM and ADRC. The participants reassured the importance of both structural and non-structural measures during the activities.

This workshop is part of capacity building program of local government officials for ASEAN countries, under which DDPM and ADRC have prepared since 2009 for further promoting capacity development in the country. Followed by this batch, similar workshops are scheduled in northern and north-eastern provinces this year. 

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14-23 July 2010, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) conducted the program "Capacity Building of Utilization of Satellite Image for Disaster Management" in Vientiane, Lao PDR from 14 to23 July 2010. This program consisted of one-day seminar and five- days training both to promote the utilization of space based technology, and it was conducted in collaboration with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), and the Remote Sensing Center of Water Resources & Environment Institute, Water Resources and Environment Administration under Prime Minister Office (RSC/WREI/WREA), Government of Lao PDR.
This is one of the four capacity development programs in ASEAN countries that ADRC has been implementing since 2008, with other three including disaster education promotion, development of Web-based GLIDE-associated disaster database and capacity building of local government officials.
Satellite Images were utilized to estimate flood damages and to implement emergency activities when Vientiane was heavily inundated in August 2008. Through this experience, a shortage of engineers capable of applying space based technology to disaster management was recognized so that capacity building of engineers in relevant fields has become an urgent need.
ADRC will continue to cooperate with RSC/WREI/WREA and other relevant agencies to further promote the utilization of satellite data in the field of disaster management in Lao PDR. ADRC also plans to conduct this program in other ASEAN countries.
For more details of this project, please visit the following web site.

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Indonesia, 13-16 July, 2010 

ADRC and Bandan National Penanggulangan Bencana (National Disaster Management Agency, BNPB) have lunched "the Project on Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management."

This project is one of four capacity development projects for the ASEAN member countries that ADRC has been conducting since 2008 and Indonesia is belonging the 3rd year Group composed of Singapore and Myanmar.

Geographically Indonesia is an archipelago situated at a juncture of four tectonic plates where seismic and volcanic activities occur constantly. They make for a high potential and proneness to disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Also, because of topographical and hydro-metrological conditions, the country is subject to disaster such as floods, landslides, forest fires and drought, too. There is thus an urgent need to further strengthen the capacity building of local government officials in charge of disaster management, as they play a critical role in every phase of the disaster management cycle.

On 13-16 July 2010, ADRC and BNPB held a kick off meeting on the project targeting local government officials.

ADRC and BNPB will work together on the implementation of the 20-manth project form 2010 to 2011, starting with the creation of an expert team tasked with the development of training materials.

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5-8 July 2010, Manila, Philippines

Sentinel ASIA Joint Project Meeting(JPTM) was held in Manila, the Philippines on 5-8 July 2010. It was organized jointly by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and Department of Science Technology (DOST), Gov. of the Philippines. 71 people from 22 countries (36 organizations) and 5 international organizations participated in the meeting.
ADRC functions as a single window to receive emergency observation request for their screening and onward transmission to space agencies in the framework of Sentinel ASIA. At the meeting, ADRC reported the status of the emergency observations that were implemented in the last ○○ months, the results of survey on how provided satellite data was utilized in each country, and the current situation of the ADRC GLOF project. The themes of discussion in this meeting are as follows:

    Progress of Sentinel Asia step2
    Current situation of each JPT member
    Activities of Forest fire Working Group
    Activities of Flood Working Group
    Activities of Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Working Group
    Collaboration with Sentinel Asia and International Disaster Charter

ADRC will continue to promote the use of satellite data utilization for disaster reduction in Asia in cooperation with Sentinel Asia secretariat. For more details of this meeting, please refer to the Sentinel ASIA web site.

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1-2 July 2010, Bangkok, Thailand


The Technical Workshop to develop the Regional Roadmap for Promoting Regional Cooperation on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 1-2 July to discuss and develop the regional roadmap for promoting regional cooperation on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Asia. The Workshop was organised jointly by UNSIDR, UNESCAP, NEMA of Korea and ADRC. This regional roadmap is planned to be one of the main outocomes of the 4th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR) to be held in Incheon, Korea, in October this year.

As many as around 50 experts from UN and other international organisations, Government Ministries/Agencies, and INGOs participated in the Workshop. From the ADRC, Mr. Atsushi KORESAWA and Mr. Huy Nguyen participated in the workshop. Also, ADRC facilitated the participation of experts from JICA, the Meteorological Research Institute of Japan's Meteorological Agency, and JAXA.

The experts discussed, inter alia: 1) the conceptual framework for promoting regional cooperation for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Asia: 2) the objectives of the regional road map, and: 3) the elements of the regional road map. Based on the result of two day discussion, UNISDR in cooperation with other partners will make a first draft of the roadmap which will be further examined at the upcoming IAP meeting in Incheon, Korea on 11-13 August.

The ADRC is expected to play a key role as one of lead agencies at the 4th AMCDRR, and therefore, will continue to take an active part in its preparatory process.

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