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Activity Report

28-30 March 2012 (Delhi, India)

UNDP-India and IRP/ADRC had jointly organized the training on Disaster Recovery Planning, March 28-30, 2012 at UNDP Country Office, New Delhi, India. Twenty eight representatives from different UN and partner organizations in India, who are engaged in long term post disaster recovery, attended the training. Most are from policy and field level that can influence recovery planning. The recently trained officials will act as master trainers who will transfer knowledge to other officials in their respective organizations. The discussions facilitated the sharing of knowledge and experience in recovery planning with the intention to further enhance capacities and enrich the recovery planning process before and after large scale disaster. Additionally, the discussions provided an avenue for participants to analyze different recovery issues and reflect on wide array of options and examples from global experiences. The outputs of the training include sets of recommendations drawn from the group discussions such as market chain analysis for livelihood recovery from possible future disaster in India, which were fine-tuned by the comments from other participants and experts. As way forward, UNDP and other UN organizations in India are exploring to transfer the knowledge on recovery planning to other stakeholders from national agencies down to the village level.


(2012/3/31 14:00)

21-22 March, 2012 (Bangkok Thailand)

 The Workshop on Use of Multi-Global Navigation Satellite Systems for Sustainable Development organized by UNESCAP and supported by JAXA, was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 21 to 22 March 2012.

Government officials and experts from 13 countries and intergovernmental organizations participated in the workshop and discussed potential utilization of Multi-Global Navigation Satellite Systems (Multi-GNSS) in the fields of transportation, disaster risk reduction and agriculture.


(2012/3/23 11:30)

19th and 20th March, 2012 (India, Vanarasi)

International Seminar on "Disaster and Environmental Management" was held by Institute of Management Studies, Mahatoma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith University from 19-20 March 2012 in Vanarasi, India.

The ADRC made a presentation about the current situation of recovery and reconstruction on Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in the Technical Session "Institutional and policy Framework for Disaster Management."

About 100 researchers, experts and students participated in the seminar and actively exchanged views and opinions on the issue of disaster and environmental mangement.

(2012/3/21 11:30)

12 March 2012 (Seoul, Korea)

The ADRC participated in the International Conference on "Lessons from Japan: Is Japan Korea's Future?" held on 12 March 2012 jointly organized by Asian Development Bank Institute and North East Asian Research(NEAR) Foundation of Korea Rep.

ADRC made presentation regarding the current situation of recovery, reconstruction and lessons on the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster.

Around 100 participants attended the conference including experts and officials from nuclear, disaster management, economics and security fields and actively exchanged views and opinions on the broad issues such as aging society, social welfare, disaster risk management, nuclear power plant and security.

(2012/3/13 11:30)

8-9 March 2012 (Tokyo, Japan)

Seminar on Disaster Risk Management in Asia: Lessons and Challenges was held by Asian Developing Bank Institute from 8 to 9 March 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.  The ADRC explained the importance of business continuity plan (BCP) in the private sector for the regional resilience and the current situation of the private sector in the APEC region based on the research made by ADRC.

About 100 officials, experts from public and private organizations participated in the seminar and actively exchanged views and opinions among them, demonstrating their strong interests in disaster risk management measures both structural and non-structural.

(2012/3/9 11:30)

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