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Activity Report

17-22 January 2011 (Jeju, Republic of Korea)

The ADRC participated in the 43rd Session of Typhoon Committee organizend by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific(UNESCAP), the World Meteorological Organization(WMO) Typhoon Committee in Jeju on 17-22 January 2011.
The 43rd Session was hosted by Republic of Korea and around 100 participants attended the meeting included representatives from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Viet Nam, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, as well as representatives from the organizing institutions.
The Committee consists of three working groups, namely, WG on Meteorology(WGM), WG on Hydrology(WGH), and WG on Disaster Risk Reduction(WGDRR), among which ADRC has joined WGDRR.
The Committee as well as its WGs addressed issues related to the impact of climate change on tropical cyclone frequency and intensity, growing risks of urban flooding, among others. The ADRC gave a presentation on the recent activities introducing the framework of Sentinel Asia using GLIDE numbers for effective disaster response.
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7 January 2011, Nay Phi Taw, Myanmar

On 7 January 2011, Myanmar's Relief and Resettlement Department (RRD), Ministry of Social Welfare and Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) held a preparatory meeting for Training of Trainers under ASEAN Project, Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management in its capital Nay Phi Taw. Around 20 participants from RRD, relevant agencies, NGOs and ADRC discussed training method and topics for effective and efficient implementation of the coming training, which will cover such topics as comprehensive disaster risk management, early warning and emergency response.  

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