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The present VR

The Center invites visiting researchers from the member countries every year for the period of four months to exchange information on disaster risk reduction (DRR) of each country, inform them of the framework and policy of DRR in Japan, and promote understanding of international cooperation in DRR and disaster risk management. We recruit visiting researchers between the beginning of February and the end of March through the Center's counterparts and accept them from April onward.

Ms. Borah Mridusmita from India

Ms. Borah Mridusmita

Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA),Gov't of Assam
Project Officer (Disaster Risk Reduction)

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Ms.Shaufa Aminath from Maldives

Ms. Shaufa Aminath

DNational Disaster Managem
Project Officer

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*Maldives Country Report

Ms. Azis Mazni from Malaysia

Ms. Azis Mazni

Malaysian Meteorological Department
Assistant Director of Weather and Geophysic Technical Division

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