Asian Disaster Reduction Center(ADRC)

We are promoting multilateral network building for improving disaster risk reduction (DRR) capacity including enhancement of DRR-related personnel exchanges in Asia

Latest Disaster Information

2024/06/14 China Flood In the past few days, heavy rain has been impacting south-eastern China, particularly Fujian and Guangxi provinces, causing landslides, floods and severe weather-related incidents that resulted in casualties and displacement. According to state media and local authorities, torrential rain and landslides have killed nine people and left 17 missing as of 17 June 2024. 2024/05/27 India Heat Wave At least 33 people, including election officials on duty, died of suspected heatstroke in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, India on Friday, 31 May 2024 and the heatwave in the region is expected to continue until Saturday, 1 June 2024. 2024/05/26 Armenia Flash Flood Heavy rainfall has been affecting northern Armenia since 26 May 2024, in particular in the Lori and Tavush provinces, causing floods and river overflow that have resulted in casualties and damage. 2024/05/26 Bangladesh Tropical Cyclone Strong gales and heavy rain triggered by the cyclone Remal, the first major cyclone of the year lashed the coastlines of India and Bangladesh on Monday, 27 May 2024, killing at least 10 people in Bangladesh and cutting power to millions. 2024/05/26 India Tropical Cyclone Tropical storm REMAL made landfall over the border area between India and Bangladesh on 26 May 2024, with maximum sustained winds of 111 km/h. Very heavy rainfall, strong winds, storm surges and floods affected the area, causing 6 people dead and 150,000 people displaced in India.

What’s New

ADRC Highlight vol.374 [English]
ADRC Highlight vol.374 [Russian]
NEW![ADRC Report] Summary information on the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake (Japan) is now available.

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NEW! [Databook] Natural Disasters Data Book-2022 edition

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NEW!Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) successfully organized the Online Tsunami Seminar FY2023 on 15 November 2023.

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NEW!ADRC conducted a survey on the status of schools in the 2023 Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Affected Areas in Türkiye with the support of the Hyogo Prefecture.

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NEW! Aiming to acquire "Eruboshi" certification, we formulated the "General Incorporated Foundation Asian Disaster Reduction Center Action Plan".

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The Thoughts of ADRC

ADRC was founded in 1998 in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The mission is to enhance disaster resilience of its member countries, to create safe communities where people can live with peace of mind, and to create a society that enables sustainable development.
For the purpose, the ADRC is promoting the establishment of multilateral networks through personnel exchanges and a variety of other programs for disaster risk reduction in Asia.

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Member Countries DRR Information

Country reports which compiled DRR information and other relevant information of member countries are available.

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ADRC activities

  • Information Sharing on DRR

    Learning from Disasters and Benefiting from Information

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  • Human Resource

    Disaster Risk Reduction begins with Capacity Building

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  • Community DRR Activities

    Community Participation is a Key to Effective Disaster Reduction

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Reports on ADRC Projects