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Challenges in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Asia

Reports on Preventing COVID-19

Brief Outline of Countermeasures in ADRC Member Countries

COVID-19 Countermeasures in ADRC Member Countries
(Desk Survey Based Online Resources, as of 20 May 2020)
- Summary of the Types of Countermeasure (containment, mitigation, economic support), Information Sites of Health Sector, Role of DRM Agencies and Mobile Application Information
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Reports of the ADRC Member Countries

Report of the Philippines and Japan (as of 16 April 2020)
- The Philippines adopted a more ‘authoritarian approach, including giving extra powers to the President and excessive use of force with the mobilization of military and police.
- The government of Japan adopted more democratic approach, which did not impose mandatory restrictions and calls on people to support and recognize their 'individual responsibility’.
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Report of Sri Lanka (as of 24 April 2020)
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Report of Nepal (as of 30 April 2020)
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Report of Armenia (as of 5 May 2020)
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Report of France -a view from a long-term resident- (as of 5 June 2020)
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The information on this page is developed with kind cooperation of the ADRC former Visiting Researchers. (Please refer to the ADRC VR Program) We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our family members who provided information on their respective country

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