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Information Sharing on Disaster Reduction

Learning from Disasters and Benefiting from Information

(1)Provision of Information on the Latest Disasters, Disaster Preparedness of Member Countries, and Good Practices

ADRC Website
ADRC has developed a database of disaster information that it publishes on its website in order to serve as a clearinghouse of disaster information from various sources since 1998. Summarized information with direct links to the original data sources enables the rapid search and retrieval of information. The database provides a brief summary of disasters (dates, locations, and descriptions),outlines of damage status, and links to information categorized as either reports/articles, geographic data, emergency relief information, urgent reports from ADRC member countries, and graphic information. Such information is continually updated as it becomes available.

A multilingual glossary on natural disasters is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese on its website.

(2)Promotion of GLIDE (Global unique disaster IDEntifier)

GLIDE number
GLIDE number
Since 2001, ADRC has conducted a globally common, unique identification scheme for disaster events as a tool for facilitating the sharing of disaster information archived by organizations around the world. The project, known as the new GLobal unique disaster IDEntifier Number (GLIDE) initiative, was jointly launched with such organizations as UNOCHA. GLIDE is an open standard, accessible at no cost to anyone interested in disaster data. Using GLIDE will promote transparent linking and efficient retrieval of disaster information from multiple sources, thereby facilitating improved disaster data management and analysis.


(3)Disaster Management Support System (Sentinel Asia Project)

Disaster Management Support System
The Sentinel Asia Project was launched in 2006 to establish a disaster risk management system in Asia using satellites. ADRC receives emergency observation requests from member countries and other organizations that participate in collaborative projects. The Disaster Management Support System is also a part of this Sentinel Asia project, and through it ADRC offers maps and satellite images, as well as disaster information, to the Asia Pacific region.

(4)Organization of International Conferences

Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction
Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction
ADRC convenes an annual international conference, the Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR). Attended by disaster risk management officials from member countries, as well as disaster experts from international organizations, ACDR aims to promote the sharing of information and ideas, and to enhance partnerships among participating countries and organizations. ACDR is expected to facilitate for implementation of the priority actions of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.