Private Sector DRR

Now supply chains are closely intertwined that a single disaster could affect economic activities of the entire region or world. One of the lessons learned from past catastrophic disasters such as the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the Great East Japan Earthquake and flooding in Thailand, is that the private sector plays a critical role in reducing economic damage and regional impacts when they are well prepared.

Recent Activity

Efforts to Promote Disaster Resilience of Private Sector in the Asia-Pacific Region, WCDRR (2015) Public Forum on 16 March 2015


Promotion of DRR Initiatives in Private Sector and Strengthening Public-Private Partnership for Local Resilience Building, Side Event at 6thAMCDRR on 25 June 2014

ADRC and APEC co-chaired a Side Event Promotion of DRR Initiatives in Private Sector and Strengthening Public - Private Partnership for Local Resilience Building: Towards HFA2 to be Adopted in 3rd WCDRR in Sendai at the 6thAMCDRR held in Thailand on 25 June 2014. The outcomes of the event will be input to HFA2.

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Public Private Partnership

Promoting Public Private Partnership in Disaster Risk Reduction: Japanese Cases (2007)

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BCP Status of the Private Sector in the APEC Region 2011

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BCP Status of the SMEs in the Asia-Pacific Region 2012

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BCP Guidelines

Business Continuity Guidelines (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)

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Guideline for SMEs

Business Continuity Management Booklet for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

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Guidebook on SME Business Continuity Planning
(English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and Thai)