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ADRC Highlights Vol.328 (English)
Greetings from New ADRC Executive Director, Mr. NAKAGAWA Masaaki
Personal Change
Report of the ADRC Visiting Researcher Program in FY2019
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Floods Across Asia

ADRC Highlights (Japanese)
Обзор ADRC (Russian)

Mobipack for supporting COVID-19 responses with mobile big data
Letter from a Former Visiting Researcher: Mr. Nima Tshering from Bhutan
Announcement: Challenges in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Asia
Letter from a Former Visiting Researcher: Mr. Beda Nidhi KHANAL from Nepal
Announcement: Challenges in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Asia
JICA Training “Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction”
ASEAN High-Level Symposium on Disaster Management 2020
Greetings from the New ADRC Executive Secretary, Dr. Yujiro Ogawa
Call for Chapters on "Applying Satellite Remote Sensing to Disaster Management"
12th Sentinel Asia Steering Committee (Hyderabad, India)
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report: Ms. Suthathip Dejchaisri (Thailand)
JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program: Second Edition "School-based Disaster Education in Turkey"
APEC-related Meeting (Malaysia)
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report: Mr. Ranjith ALAHAKOON (Sri Lanka)
Northeast Asia Forum on Technological Capacity Development for Disaster Risk Reduction: A Forum for Trilateral Cooperation on Disaster Management between China-Japan-Korea
Symposium: Human Resource Development and Space Data Utilization for Disasters
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report: Mr. Beda Nidhi Khanal (Nepal)
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report: Mr. Nima Tshering (Bhutan)
Report from ADRC Intern: Mr. Takuma Matsushita (Kobe University)
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020: Masanori HAMADA, Chairman, ADRC
JICA Training Course: Promotion of Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction
26th Session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-26)
Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2019
JICA Training "Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction for the African Region"
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