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ADRC Highlights Vol.342 (English)
Fourth ADRC Online DRR Seminar: "GLOF Impact to the Local Economy and Measures"
Fifth ADRC Online DRR Seminar: "Promoting Disaster Mitigation Strategies for Urban Resilience"
Third Seminar Highlights Developing DRR Technologies that Meet Local Needs
18th Session of WMOs Regional Association V (Southwest Pacific) Held 1-3 September 2021
5th Global Summit of GADRI: Engaging Sciences in Action

ADRC Highlights (Japanese)
Обзор ADRC (Russian)

Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2021 (ACDR2021)
Third ADRC Online DRR Seminar: "Developing DRR Technologies That Meet Local Needs to Create a Safe, Secure, and Livable Society"
Fourth ADRC Online DRR Seminar "GLOF Impacts on Local Economies and Risk Reduction Measures"
Sharing Asian Disaster Response Experiences with Africa
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