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Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction

1. ADRC and Tsunami DRR:

ADRC, together with Cabinet Office had long been undertaken Tsunami DRR since the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 by dispatching teams to investigate the damages in collaborating with ADRC counterparts and published awareness raising material of"Inamurano-hi"in more than 10 languages.
In December 2015, as one of the follow-ups to the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Sendai, in March 2015, a resolution designating November 5th as the World Tsunami Awareness Day was jointly proposed by 142 countries and adopted at the UN General Assembly, and a new series of awareness raising activities have been initiated by UNISDR, government of Japan, and many other relevant countries and international organizations.
Anti Tsunami measures have been supported and guided by knowledge across a broad range of academic disciplines. Professor Masanori Hamada, Chairman of ADRC has proposed an"Anti-tsunami science" extending from seismology, oceanography, disaster prevention engineering, land use and urban planning to sociology, psychology, communication studies, and so on.

2. ADRC Tsunami DRR workshops:

ADRC Tsunami DRR workshops In order to further promote tsunami DRR and the World Tsunami Awareness Day, ADRC together with Cabinet Office, Japan, orgnised in the fiscal year 2016, two workshops on tsunami DRR, one in Lima, Peru and another in Krabi, Thailand for the purpose of sharing lessons learnt from tsunami in the past and discussing future challenges towards effective tsunami disaster risk reduction through multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary efforts. The former highlighted effects of tsunami on economy and supply chain as well as tsunami DRR policies, while the latter addressed the challenges at local and community level facing tsunami.
Summary report: ADRC Tsunami DRR workshops, 2016

1) APEC Workshop : Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction in APEC economies

Date: 16 August:

Venue: Lima, Peru

Agenda pdf (pdf, 773KB)

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2) Thailand-Japan Workshop: Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction in Krabi

Date: 22 September, Venue: Krabi, Thailand

Agenda pdf (pdf, 234KB)



Towards more tsunami resilient Asia

The two tsunami DRR workshops in 2016 were actively supported by many Asia Pacific countries that have experienced severe damages caused by tsunami and shared the similar DRR challenges. Huge scale of tsunami will not happen frequently, it will thus be effective to share the experiences among tsunami affected countries in order to draw more and more lessons that we could learn in one country.