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Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction

Since its establishment, ADRC has been promoting Tsunami Disaster Reduction with a wide range of activities, such as damage surveys, research, conferences, workshops, and training courses together with Cabinet Office. Especially since World Tsunami Awareness Day was adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2015, ADRC has dedicated itself to raising tsunami DRR awareness at every opportunity.

Summary of the ADRC Tsunami DRR Activities (pdf, 3.1MB)

Anti Tsunami measures have been supported and guided by knowledge across a broad range of academic disciplines. Professor Masanori Hamada, Chairman of ADRC has proposed an"Anti-tsunami science" extending from seismology, oceanography, disaster prevention engineering, land use and urban planning to sociology, psychology, communication studies, and so on.

FY2020 Online Tsunami Seminar:

A three-session series of tsunami seminars to present research findings by DRR experts was organized.

FY2016 Workshops:

Two workshops to further promote tsunami DRR and the World Tsunami Awareness Day were organized in Lima, Peru and in Krabi, Thailand.

Materials on Tsunami DRR: