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Online Tsunami Seminar

Online Tsunami Seminar 2023

Online Tsunami Seminar 2023


Community-based tsunami preparedness activities, if well integrated in the daily lives of residents, help save lives and reduce disaster impacts. The “Miracle of Kamaishi” during the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 is one example of this, where students and teachers escaped tsunami disaster by applying the lessons from the evacuation drills that they regularly conducted. Aside from evacuation drills, community-based tsunami preparedness also includes awareness-raising and early warning systems (EWS). While its occurrence is rare, tsunami disaster is deadlier and costlier compared with other hazards (e.g., landslide and cyclone). It is in this context that community-based tsunami preparedness is essential to communities living in tsunami-prone areas.


- Share community-based tsunami preparedness programs and activities (e.g., initiatives related to awareness-raising, evacuation drill, and early warning systems)
- Discuss challenges in implementing community-based tsunami preparedness activities

Expected Outcomes:

- Learn practical initiatives for community-based tsunami preparedness
- Insights for strengthening community-based tsunami preparedness activities
- New approaches of addressing the common challenges in community-based tsunami preparedness programs


2023 Tsunami Seminar
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  • 14:00  Introduction
  • by Dr Gerald Potutan, Senior Researcher, ADRC (Moderator)

  • 14:05  Community based tsunami preparedness in Vietnampresentation(pdf, 1.1MB)
  • by Ms Thai Minh Huong, VDDMA, Vietnam

  • 14:25  Community-Based Tsunami Preparedness in Sri Lanka and its Challengespresentation(pdf, 4.2MB)
  • by Mr A.M.R.N.K.Alahakoon, Assistant Director (Polonnaruwa District) under the Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka

  • 14:45  Tsunami disaster risk reduction activities through the collaboration among school, community and local government -Japanese experiencepresentation(pdf, 1.9MB)
  • by Dr NAKANO Genta, Assistant Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

  • 15:05  Q&A

  • 15:25  Synthesis and Closing
  • by Mr SASAHARA Akio, Executive Director, ADRC

  • 15:30  End

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