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Activity Report

19 June 2019 (Seoul, Republic of Korea)  

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) participated in a public forum on "Trilateral Disaster Risk Reduction and Relief Cooperation among China-Japan-Korea," which was organized by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat on 19 June 2019 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The public forum was attended by participants from disaster management organizations and research institutions in all three countries.
ADRC presented information on Town-Watching Programs and Sentinel Asia in a session on international disaster risk reduction. In this session, ADRC proposed that information on the status of hazard map development be shared among the three countries. ADRC also gave a presentation on disaster relief on behalf of a Japanese NPO that was unable to participate due to emergency response efforts needed following the Niigata Earthquake that struck the night before their planned presentation. In that session, ADRC reported on volunteer activities in Japan.

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Ulsan, Republic of Korea (18-21 June 2019)  

ADRC participated in the 14th annual meeting of the Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction focused on "Disseminating and Sharing Data on Disaster Risk Reduction." This event, organized by the UNESCAP/WMO Typhoon  Committee and the National Disaster Management Research Institute (NDMI), was held in Ulsan, Republic of Korea from 18 June to 21 June 2019. The main objective of the meeting was to allow members to share information on their typhoon-related technologies and policies. Some 30 participants from member countries and relevant organizations, including ADRC, reported on their recent technologies and policies. The WMO and NDMI gave presentations on their DRR information systems as well. ADRC gave a presentation on the typhoons that struck Japan in 2018.     

18-19 June 2019 (Vienna, Austria) 

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) participated in the 9th Annual UNSPIDER Regional Support Offices Coordination Meeting in Vienna, Austria on 18-19 June 2019. The participants shared the latest initiatives and challenges in their regional activities including capacity building, sharing knowledge, and raising awareness. Koji Suzuki, Executive Director of ADRC, briefly introduced the ADRC's latest initiative in building an early warning system platform using space-based technologies.  During the meeting, ADRC also noted that more DRR strategies are expected to be developed for implementing the Sendai Framework,  and spacebased data and information could play an important role in that regard. A lot of countries have challenges in identifying disaster risks since the data and information necessary for identifying risks are not readily available. They can overcome those challenges by introducing remote sensing data and the use of information provided by satellites.  

In June 2009, ADRC and the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) signed a cooperation agreement on the establishment of the ADRC UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office on the occasion of the 52nd session of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). As for the application of space-based technologies and information in disaster risk reduction, ADRC has been playing a major role in Sentinel Asia, which facilitates spacebased information application and capacity development.  ADRC believes it is necessary to harmonize the functions and activities of Sentinel Asia and UNSPIDER/RSO to achieve more effective emergency observations and improve the application of space-based information in disaster risk reduction. ADRC will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration with UNOOSA and ROSs.

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