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Activity Report

23-30 August 2014 (Chile)

ADRC has been a participating research institution in the SATREPS Chile Project since 2013. At the end of August 2014, ADRC dispatched staff members to research tsunami disaster awareness among the residents of Iquique, Chile. This research was carried out using in-person meetings and questionnaires. Since Iquique experienced a large-scale earthquake in April 2014, the tsunami disaster awareness of local residents exceeded our expectations. ADRC would like to continue conducting research on disaster risk reduction so that its findings can be applied in both Chile and Japan.

(2014/09/14 18:30)


14 August 2014 (Manila, Philippines)

The ASEAN High-Level Conference on Assistance for the Recovery of Yolanda-Affected Areas (ARYA), hosted by the Government of the Philippines, co-hosted by the ASEAN, was held in Manila, Philippines on 14 August 2014.  As a cooperation of this conference, the ADRC sent one representative from IRP secretariat to attend. The conference's over 200 participants included government officials from ASEAN member countries, disaster managers across the Philippines and experts from international organizations.
During his statement in plenary session titled "Role of Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) towards Recovery of Typhoon Yolanda -What we have done so far, and what we can do now and on", Mr. Shingo Kouchi, ADRC Senior Expert as well as IRP Senior Recovery Expert, highly appreciated every effort made by the Government and people of the Philippine since the occurrence of the disaster. Similar to Japan's situation, it has been widely recognized in the Philippines that Government and people need to promote multi-stakeholder approach towards effective disaster mitigation/prevention and reconstruction/recovery. Mr. Kouchi also stressed that ADRC and IRP have been working closely with the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and many stakeholders in the Philippines, and ADRC/IRP will seek possibilities of providing technical assistance for the Philippines' recovery and rehabilitation efforts of Yolanda-affected communities to enhance current efforts of the government.
With the concept of "Building Back Better than Before", ADRC would like to make continuous efforts for realization of disaster-resilient society and communities across the Asian region, by sharing Japanese technologies, experiences, and lessons learned from the past. For more information, please contact Kouchi (

(2014/08/29 14:50)

11 - 12 August 2014, (Beijing, CHINA)

The 8th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum (SDMOF), was held on August 11-12, 2014, Beijing, China.

Representatives and experts from APEC economies and international agencies gathered for this forum (APEC-funded project led by China) under the theme: 'Science and technology strengthening disaster risk reduction,'

Participants shared experiences and best practices under following topics: Innovative role of science and technology in disaster preparedness; Science and technology strengthens efficiency in emergency response; Science and technology enables rehabilitation for increased resiliency; and International and regional cooperation on science and technology application for disaster risk reduction.

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