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[Annual Report] ADRC Annual Report 2019


[ADRC Report] Information on Challenges in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 Observations in Asia is updated!

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NEW!Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2020 was successfully conducted by the format of Papers Display and On-line Conference (20-22 October 2020). You can watch the video of the conference on YouTube.

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Совещание группы экспертов на тему «Созидательное Начало Деятельности по Восстановлению после Великого Землетрясения Восточной Японии» было проведено 31 мая в Токио >>Более подробная информация (только на японском языке)

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Since the beginning of October 2020, Viet Nam has witnessed torrential rain due to tropical storms combined with the cold air, resulting in widespread flooding and landslide in central provinces. Many casualties dead and missing have been confirmed.


Since the beginning of October, Cambodia has experienced heavy rainfall across much of the country due to the combination of tropical storms and cold air, which triggered extensive flooding.


Monsoon rainfall and onrush of water from hilly areas upstream have inundated districts in the northern and eastern areas of Bangladesh, causing extensive damage. As of 15 July, over 1,800,000 individuals are affected by the floods in 18 districts. Government reported 6 death due to flooding.


Due to torrential rain triggered massive floods and landslides across the southern island of Kyushu, Japan since 3 July 2020, many fatalities have been confirmed in Kumamoto Prefecture.


Over 100 people have died due to a major landslide triggered by heavy rain in Kachin state in northern Myanmar on 2 July 2020.

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