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9-10 May 2011 (Cambodia)

The ADRC attended the 22st meeting of sub-committee on space technology and applications (SCOSA) held from 9th  to 10th  May 2011 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Various organizations in ASEAN countries which are related to the space technology attended this meeting in order to discuss on-going and future projects by SCOSA and other relevant. .
For the last two year the ADRC has been implementing "Satellite Data Utilization for Disaster Risk Reduction and Response" funded by Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). Eight ASEAN countries, namely, Indonesia, Philippines, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Brunei Darussalam are the target countries of the project.
In this meeting, ADRC made a progress report on the project.
ADRC is currency producing materials to be used at planned seminars and trainings in each ASEAN country.
For more details of this project, please look at the following site;

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10-11 March 2011 (Vientiane, Lao)

The Training of Pilot Teachers for "Promotion of Disaster Education of Schools" project was held in Vientiane, on 10th and 11th March 2011. It was organized jointly by the Ministry of Education, the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC). More than thirty teachers of primary and secondary school attended this two-day workshop.
Participants took lectures about "Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan", "Basic Knowledge about Natural Disaster", etc. On this workshop, Dr. Goto, senior researcher of National Institute for Educational Policy Research, had a lecture "Latest Situation of Disaster Education in Japan" including earthquake model exercise. Therefore, participants joined in this workshop with a passionate concern.
As a result of elaboration and discussion, a pilot lesson and seminar will be held at the beginning of March.
Note: This project is part of the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Projects and aimed to promote disaster education in ASEAN countries through such means as training of school teachers followed by school lessons facilitated by trained teachers.)

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3 December 2010 (Vientiane, Lao)

ADRC collaborated with Ministry of Education in Lao to organize the second coordination meeting for "Promotion of Disaster Education of Schools" project. First, ADRC and the task-team discussed latest situation on disaster education in Lao for conducting a Training of Trainer (TOT) and Pilot Lesson.
Then ADRC and the task-team visited 2 target schools. It was followed by a meeting with Ministry of Education's officials, the principal and teachers of a pilot school in Vientiane. As a result of discussion, ADRC and the task-team decided that a training program for school teachers will be held at the middle of March in 2011.
Note: This project is part of the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Projects and aimed to promote disaster education in ASEAN countries through such means as training of school teachers followed by school lessons facilitated by trained teachers.)

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19 October 2010 (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

ADRC held the First Coordination Meeting for Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Project "Promotion of Disaster Education of Schools" in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Lao People's Democratic Republic. In the meeting, the project outline was introduced by ADRC. Then, Ministry of Education reported the latest situation of disaster education in Laos. Some materials and teacher's manual have been already developed in Laos, and  it is agreed to effectively use these existing materials for our activity.
Hereafter, the teaching materials will be drafted for the Training of Pilot Teachers.

(2010/11/30 18:30)

14-23 July 2010, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) conducted the program "Capacity Building of Utilization of Satellite Image for Disaster Management" in Vientiane, Lao PDR from 14 to23 July 2010. This program consisted of one-day seminar and five- days training both to promote the utilization of space based technology, and it was conducted in collaboration with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), and the Remote Sensing Center of Water Resources & Environment Institute, Water Resources and Environment Administration under Prime Minister Office (RSC/WREI/WREA), Government of Lao PDR.
This is one of the four capacity development programs in ASEAN countries that ADRC has been implementing since 2008, with other three including disaster education promotion, development of Web-based GLIDE-associated disaster database and capacity building of local government officials.
Satellite Images were utilized to estimate flood damages and to implement emergency activities when Vientiane was heavily inundated in August 2008. Through this experience, a shortage of engineers capable of applying space based technology to disaster management was recognized so that capacity building of engineers in relevant fields has become an urgent need.
ADRC will continue to cooperate with RSC/WREI/WREA and other relevant agencies to further promote the utilization of satellite data in the field of disaster management in Lao PDR. ADRC also plans to conduct this program in other ASEAN countries.
For more details of this project, please visit the following web site.

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21-22 December 2009 (Luangnamtha, Lao PDR)

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) of Lao PDR and the Asian Disaster Management Center (ADRC) organized a workshop for local government officials in Luangnamtha province on 21-22 December 2009.  Some thirty officials from line departments of the province participated in the workshop together with three officials from the NDMO and one from ADRC.

This workshop is part of ASEAN project Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management, and the third one in the country followed by the workshops in Vientiane and Bolikhamxay provinces. 

luangnamtha.JPGDuring the two-day workshop, the local officials took lectures on disasters and risks, legal framework of national and provincial disaster risk management, risk assessment and flood management based on the subjects lectured in the Training of Trainers (TOT) in June 2009 where the trainers had participated. Owing to the assistance of NDMO and provincial officials, the trainers gave lectures in instructive and interactive manners, bringing about active discussion and fruitful feedback.

The ADRC hopes that the outcome of this project will be shared in other provinces and contribute to capacity development of local officials on disaster management throughout the country.

Similarly the workshops for local government officials are scheduled in early 2010 in Cambodia and Vietnam as the 1st year group countries in this project.

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10-12 June (Hanoi, Vietnam)

16-18 June (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

23-25 June (Vientiane Province, Lao PDR)

In June 2009, the ADRC and disaster management organizations of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam conducted trainings of trainers (TOT) in the ASEAN Project: Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management, which aims at reinforcing capacity of local government officials in charge of disaster management in the region. After the TOT, 10 participants will give lectures to 90 local officials in each country.dmc.gif

On 10 - 12 June 2009, Vietnam's Disaster Management Center (DMC) and the ADRC conducted TOT with the participants from Thua Thien Hue, Lao Cai and Tien Giang provinces and DMC. Experts from the ADRC, DMC, and Vietnam Red Cross gave lectures on risk assessment, disaster mitigation for flood, training facilities skills etc followed by town watching and community-based hazard mapping in Hanoi on the final day.

On 16-18 ncdm.gifJune 2009, TOT was held in Phnom Penh with topics such as total disaster risk management, Cambodia's situation about disaster risk reduction, and development planning and disaster risk reduction lectured by the country's National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) and the ADRC. Participants were composed of local government officials from Kompong Thom, Pursat and Kompong Chhnang provinces. On the final day, town watching / community-based hazard mapping was also organized in Kandal province.

On 23-15 June 2009, ndmo.gifNational Disaster Management Office (NDMO) of Lao PDR and the ADRC held TOT in Vientiane province with participants from Vientiane, Bolikhamsay, and Luangnamtha provinces where the experts from the ADRC, NDMO, Lao Ministry from Education and Meteorological Agency lectured on contingency planning, urban planning and disaster risk management, early warning system, and rapid assessment etc. The local officials were divided into three groups by the province and conducted hazard mapping for risk assessment.

Through all the trainings, participating officials gained further expertise on various topics and had active discussions for coming training of local government officials. In the hazard mapping, they made risk assessment in the area based on what they learned in the TOT, discussed measures to be taken by every sector and reassured the importance of public awareness of disaster risk reduction.

Following the TOT, the three countries and ADRC will start workshops targeting local government officials from now on.

 (2009/07/02 17:40)

22 March 2009 - 22 March 2010

ADRC has been implemented the project for the satellite Imagery Application to Disaster Reduction facilitated by Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF).
Eight ASEAN member countries, namely, Indonesia, Philippines, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, has participated in this project.
ADRC in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Technology, AIT( will be organizing a seminar and training in each country to enhance their capacity of satellite imagery application to disaster reduction.
To this end, the first round of kick-off meetings, were held in each country as shown below.
Based on the results of those kick-off meeting, ADRC and AIT, will work together to produce relevant materials to be used at planned seminars and trainings in each country

・National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, Indonesia, 22 March 2009
・Philippines Institute of Volcanic and Seismology, Philippines, 25 March 2009
・Remote Sensing Center, Lao PDR, 23 April 2009
・Ministry of Science and Technology, Myanmar, 12 May 2009
・Geo-informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, Thailand, 8 Jun 2009
・National remote Sensing Center, Vietnam, 10 July 2009
・Department of Geography, Cambodia, 27 July 2009
・Survey Department, Brunei Darussalam, 22 March 2010


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