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Activity Report

UNISDR Asia Partnership (IAP) 2017 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,5-7 April 2017

5-7 April 2017 (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

ISDR Asia Partnership (IAP) 2017 meeting was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 5th to 7th April 2017. This time, IAP meeting brough together participants from both DRR organisations and from statistical authorities. ED participated in it from ADRC.

The meeting was opened by welcome remarks by General Badral Tuvshin,Chief, National Emergency Management Agency, Government of Mongolia, followed by the opening remarks by Mr. Robert Glasser, Special Representative of Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the introduction of the agenda by Ms.Madhavi Ariyabandu, Officer-in-charge, UNISDR Regional Office for Asia Pacific. Session 1 chaired by Colonel Ganzorig Tsogtbaatar, Deputy Chief, NEMA, discussed the outcomes of AMCDRR 2016, followed by updates from the participating countries and international organisations.

Day 2 continued updates including that by ADRC regarding the four priorities of the Sendai Framework including Kumamoto study visit, tsunami workshops, GLIDE, the 10 years' anniversary of Sentinel Asia. Ms.Saya, Director, Cabinet Office who arrived on Day 2, provided an informative report on recent policy progress regarding tsunami DRR, lessons learnt from the Kumamoto earthquakes, gender issues, and OEIWG.
Preparation for the AMCDRR 2018 was then discussed based on a report made by the host country.In addition to the organizational issues including the dates and venue, Mongolia provided its initial proposal of priority issues of "Urban disaster resilience" and "Investment in DRR", which participants discussed by splitting themselves into three groups.
Day 3 first focused on the OEIWG and monitoring of Sendai Framework. UNISDR briefed about the Sendai framework and monitoring system, on which countries reported by referring to the status including collaboration with statistical organization.

In many countries, information relevant to natural disasters is likely to belong to line ministries or regional entities, and statistical bureau in charge of SDGs action plan may face difficulties to work for DRR, although majority of DRR organisations seem not yet to have established close relationships with the Statistical bureaunin individual countries.

Afternoon session of Day3 was first dedicated to the group exercise on the OEIWG outcome, which facilitated participants unfamiliar to the two years' discussion by OEIWG learning the outcome,although there seems to be significant gaps among participants in their understanding of the OEIWG outcome.

In the last session, participants shared the status of preparation and participation in GP to be held in Cancun in May with each other.
The three days' meeting was then closed by General Badral Tuvsin's remarks.


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