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Activity Report

APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group and other relevant meetings August 15-18th, Lima, Peru

15-16 August 2016 (Lima, Peru)

APEC emergency preparedness working grope meeting was held during August 15-16, in Lima, Peru and ED of ADRC attended it as one of the co-chairs. The second meeting of EPWG of the year 2016 hosted by Peru discussed first, preparation of the upcoming SDMOF meeting scheduled on  8th and 9th October in Iquitos. EPWG elaborated the main theme of SDMOF, which will highlight food security by focusing on emergency meal delivery, public-private collaboration towards increasing resilience, and so on.

PWG also discussed the draft Action Plan based on the APEC Disaster Reduction Framework endorsed last year by APEC leaders. Many of the economies reported also about recent disasters and DRR policy development including Indonesia, Vietnam, China, USA, Russia, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, and so on. ADRC briefed about the damages by the earthquakes in Kumamoto in April and the status of recovery. (  It also reported about a new proposal of project on infrastructure development at reconstruction and BBB stage in rural area by Vietnam and Japan.

After the Day 2 of EPWG meeting, on August 16th in the afternoon, ADRC in collaboration with INDECI, Peru, organized an APEC workshop on Tsunami Disaster Reduction, supported by Cabinet Office, Japan. USA, Vietnam, Chile, Philippines, Chinese Taipei as well as Peru and Japan joined and discussed a wide range of tsunami DRR policies, challenges and transborder effects through supply chain. Private sector in Peru and JICA also provided inputs on their tsunami DRR efforts.  APEC covering majority of tsunami affected areas is one of the best fora to explore tsunami DRR in close collaboration  with  the  private  sector, since a  huge tsunami  could  bring  about  significant  indirect  damages on the world economy through global value chain, while a tsunami of significant magnitude could physically affect  many  economies  directly,  as  did  the  2004  Indian  Ocean  Tsunami.  Further  collaboration  bridging both sides of the Pacific should be pursued based on the outcomes.

On 17th and 18th August, FEMA,USA held an APEC workshop on appropriate donation and ADRC attended it on 17th .On 18th and 19th, meetings of APEC Chief Science Advisors and Equivalents, CSAE took place and raised the theme of "Science advice in and around emergencies" on the 1st day. The recommendation by CSAE to APEC leaders and senior officials suggests importance of appropriate scientific advisory input as a core part of economy's disaster preparedness and response systems.
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