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Activity Report

Workshop on Mainstreaming DRR-CCA into Development Policies and Planning

Manila, Philippines (19-21 August 2015)

The International Recovery Platform / Asian Disaster Reduction Center (IRP / ADRC) HAD supported the organization of the Workshop on "Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation into Development Policies and Planning", 19-21 August 2015 at the Discovery Suites, Pasig City, Philippines by dispatching a resource person. The workshop was spearheaded by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) of the Philippines with support from the Global Education and Training Institute of the UNISDR (GETI), a member of IRP along with ADRC.

With the participation of 25 high-level government officials and representatives from local NGOs, the workshop was an occasion to review the draft indicators for monitoring the global progress of implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The workshop was also an opportune time for the Philippine Government to align its existing National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan 2011-2028 (NDRRMP) with the priorities for action of the Sendai Framework. To facilitate greater understanding of the priorities for action, IRP / ADRC provided case studies from around the globe. In particular, the case studies focused on: (a) policies and practices for disaster risk management along all dimensions of vulnerability, capacity, exposure of persons and assets, hazard characteristics, and environment priority; (b) disaster risk governance at the national, regional , and global levels; (c) public and private investment in disaster risk prevention and reduction through structural and non-structural measures to enhance economic, social, health, and cultural resilience; and (d) disaster preparedness for effective response and to build back better in recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction.

Ou tputs of the Workshop included: (a) NDRRMC's recommendations to the Process of Developing the indicators to Monitor the Progress of Implementing the Sendai Framework, and (b) NDRRMC's Action Plan to align the current National disaster Risk Reduction Management plan with the priorities of the Sendai Framework. It was observed that the current indicators are focused on assessing policies and legislation. Hence, it was recommended that indicators should also capture existing program, schemes, and activities along the four priorities for action of the Sendai Framework. Additionally, the participants recommended that programs, funding, and activities for build back better in recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction shall be integrated in the existing NDRRM Plan 2011-2028.

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