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Activity Report

ADRC/IRP Promotes and Implements Multilateral Cooperation on Disaster Reduction and Recovery through participation in the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)-led International Conference in Tanzania.

20-21 April 2015 (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)

   An International Conference entitled "IORA Sustainable Development Programme Workshop: Exploring Preemptive Disaster Risk Management Measures to Ensure Community Resilience", organized and hosted by the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and co-hosted by the Prime Minister's Office of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, was held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on 20-21 April 2015.

   Upon invitation and request, the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) sent one Japanese representative from International Recovery Platform (IRP) to the conference, which attracted over 50 participants including government officials from the Indian Ocean Rim countries. As Japan is one of the IORA's Dialogue Partners, delegations from the Embassy of Japan in Tanzania, JICA Office in Tanzania, and IRP based in Hyogo, Japan were also invited.

   Considered as the first international gathering of over 20 countries associated with IORA since the Sendai conference in March 2015, the IORA Conference provided participants with vital opportunity to exchanging their views on "How Can We Explore Preemptive Disaster Risk Management Measures to ensuring Community Resilience?"

   During the opening session titled "Disaster Risk Management and Community Resilience: Sharing Japan's Experience", Mr. Shingo Kochi, ADRC Senior Expert as well as IRP Senior Recovery Expert, valued the high ability of Governments in the Indian Ocean Rim Association to promote recovery and reconstruction efforts since the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami disasters. Mr. Kochi also noted that ADRC and IRP have long been promoting and implementing multilateral cooperation on disaster reduction and recovery by sharing Japan's technologies, experiences, and lessons as well as knowledge management. Among those are "IRP Guidance Notes for Recovery", and "ADRC's Visiting Researcher (VR) Program".

   "Although the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami waves reached Tanzania and other east coast of African countries 18 hours after the occurrence of the earthquake, still, some 100 causalities were accounted in Somalia. This triggered the following questions: What can we learn? How can we build back better? How can we incorporate disaster management into sustainable development?" To shed light, Mr. Kochi emphasized the importance of everyday preparedness by citizens and private sector, in addition to the government efforts when a massive disaster strikes. In this connection, the upcoming big event in late May 2015: "IRP Workshop on Disaster Recovery Planning" to be held in Dhaka, People's Republic of Bangladesh, one of IORA member countries, will showcase another evidence of Bangladesh's continuous efforts on disaster reduction, disaster preparedness, and recovery. This event illustrates how ADRC/IRP will seek possibilities of providing further technical assistance for the IORA member countries' preparation efforts towards future disasters.

   For more information, please contact Kochi (
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