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Activity Report

Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Project (Capacity Building of Utilization of Satellite Image for Disaster Management)

28 February-5 March, Hanoi, Vietnam
14-19 March, Jakarta, Indonesia

Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) conducted the program "Capacity Building of Utilization of Satellite Image for Disaster Management" in Hanoi, Vietnam from 28th Feb to 5th March, Jakarta and Indonesia from 14th to 19th March in cooperation with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).
This program consists of one-day seminar and five- day training to promote the utilization of space based technology. It was held in collaboration with Remote Sensing Center, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Vietnam and Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN).
This is one of four capacity development programs in ASEAN countries that ADRC has been implementing since 2008,with other three including disaster education promotion, development of Web-based GLIDE-associated disaster database and capacity building of local government officials.
Satellite Images has been utilized to implement emergency activities in Vietnam and Indonesia. However, the experience of the engineers for utilization of the satellite data in these countries is insufficient. The capacity building of engineers in relevant field is in urgent need.
In Vietnam, the theme of case study is Flood. The satellite images before and after the flood were compared, which defined the flooding area.
In Indonesia, the theme of the case study is Tsunami. The struck area of the tsunami has been extracted from the simulation result of the tsunami.
ADRC will continue to cooperate with MONRE, LAPAN and other relevant agencies to further promote the utilization of satellite data in the field of disaster management. ADRC also plans to conduct the series of program in other ASEAN countries.
For more details of this project, please visit ADRC web site (

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