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Activity Report

IRP/ ADRC Attends ASEM Manila Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management "Post-Haiyan -A Way Forward" in the Philippines

4-6 June 2014 (Manila, Philippines)

The ASEM Manila Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management "Post-Haiyan/Yolanda -A Way Forward", hosted by the Philippines, co-hosted by Japan, the European Union (EU) and Switzerland, was held in Manila, Philippines on 4-6 June 2014.  As a cooperation of this conference, the ADRC sent one representative from IRP secretariat to attend. The seminar's over 280 participants included government officials from ADRC member countries, experts across the Philippines and delegates from EU countries.
During his presentation in Working Group titled "Role of Stakeholders -National and Local Governments, NGOs, the Local Community, Media and the Private Sector (Strengthening the Role of the State and other DRRM Stakeholders in Disaster Response and Coordination)", Mr. Shingo Kouchi, ADRC Senior Expert as well as IRP Senior Recovery Expert, positively evaluated the Philippine Government and peoples' high ability to promote multi-stakeholder approach towards effective disaster mitigation/prevention and reconstruction/recovery. Mr. Kouchi also noted that ADRC and IRP have long been working together closely with many stakeholders in the Philippines. When promoting reconstruction and recovery countermeasures after large-scale disasters like 2014 super typhoon "Yolanda" and 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, ADRC/IRP has put particular emphasis on the concept of "Building Back Better than Before".
The ADRC, together with the IRP, would like to make continuous efforts for realization of disaster-resilient society and communities across the Asian region, by sharing Japanese technologies, experiences, and lessons learned from the past. For more information, please contact Kouchi (

(2014/6/23 14:50)

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