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Activity Report

The 1st Sentinel Asia Joint Project Meeting Step-3 (JPTM)

27-29 November 2013 (Bangkok, Thailand)

The 1st Sentinel Asia* Joint Project Meeting Step-3 (JPTM) was held on 27-29 November 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was organized jointly by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) of the Thailand.

Under the Sentinel Asia framework, ADRC functions as a single gateway for processing emergency observation requests, screening and then forwarding approved requests to the relevant space agencies. At the meeting, ADRC reported on the status of the emergency observations that were implemented and presented the suggestions for improvement of the questionnaire that are sent after emergency observation. 

The topics discussed at this meeting were as follows:
 - Status Report (Overview of Sentinel Asia Status, Introduction of New Members, Overview of Emergency Observation, DPN/DAN** Report)
 - Project Management (Sentinel Asia Evolution, DATA SHARING/DISSEMINATION, Plan of UNWCDRR in Tohoku in 2015
 - Mitigation and Preparation (Sentinel Asia Success Story in Philippines and so on)
 - Working Group Activities (Flood WG, Wildfire WG, GLOF WG)
 - Emergency Response (Face book, Enforcement of DAN's activity, PM role at the Escalation to the Charter, PM training)
 - Recovery (The success story using the space data and the issues of Recovery phase)
- Multiple Use of Satellite (Winds*** and other assets and services of JAXA, QZSS)


* 'Sentinel Asia' is an international project in order to establish a disaster risk management system in Asia, using earth satellites.
** DPN (stands for Data Provider Node) is Space Agencies to get satellite images, and DAN (stands for Data Analysis Node) is universities and other research institutes to analyze satellite images.
*** WINDS (KIZUNA) is a satellite to perform ultra-high-speed Internet access service via the satellite.
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