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Activity Report

ASEAN Workshop on Recovery Planning

5-7 November 2013 (Bagan, Myanmar)

Upon the request of ASEAN Secretariat, IRP/ADRC participated in the ASEAN Workshop on Recovery Planning, 5-7 November 2013 at Aye Yar River View Resort in Bagan, Myanmar. The event was aimed at reviewing the progress as well as identifying the gaps/challenges of the Recovery Component of the ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER) Work Program. The ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) formed a Working Group on Recovery comprising Myanmar and Indonesia as co-chairs and Brunei and Philippines as members. One of the functions of the Working Group is to develop a Toolbox on Recovery to be used by member states in recovery planning.

The toolbox is envisioned as (i) repository of practices and experiences on recovery of ASEAN Member States; (ii) compilation of best practices and other related resources; (iii) recovery guidelines; (iv) capacity building tools and activities; and (v) mechanisms for coordination and resource mobilization. To contribute in achieving this vision, IRP/ADRC shared tools and guidance as well as relevant materials on recovery planning, including guidance notes, recovery planning module, and case studies from around the globe.

As a way forward, IRP/ADRC committed to provide technical assistance to the ACDM's Working Group on Recovery, if needed.

(2013/11/11 14:40)

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