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Activity Report

Research on the Utilization of Satellite Image in Asia-Pacific Countries

11-14 December 2012 (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan)

The ADRC under contract with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is going to be visiting various organizations to conduct research on the utilization of satellite images in Asia-Pacific countries. The purpose of this project is to ascertain present needs concerning the utilization of satellite images in the field of disaster mitigation and to consider strategies for improving management of the Sentinel Asia Project. This research will be carried out by the end of February 2013.
ADRC started out with visits to the State Committee of Geology and Mineral Resources, which is part of the Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology in Uzbekistan, and the Ministry for Emergency Situations in Kazakhstan. ADRC gave a status update on the Sentinel Asia Project and shared ideas about specific ways that satellite images can be (or are being) used in disaster mitigation activities in each country. Based on some of the needs and issues identified, it was determined at this meeting that capacity-building workshops need to be held for GIS experts. As part of this project, ADRC will visit and hold meetings in other Asian countries by the end of FY 2012.

(2012/12/26 18:30)

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