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Activity Report

Sentinel Asia Data Provider Node Meeting on Step3

30 August 2012 (Bangkok, Thailand)

  "Sentinel Asia" is an international cooperation project on emergency observation by satellites in case of a great disaster. Sentinel Asia was launched seven years ago and ADRC has played a role of the hub which collects the needs from disaster organizations and makes the request on emergency observation to space agencies.

  Sentinel Asia was designed to progress in 3 steps as follows, and 2012 is the final year of STEP2.

STEP 1: Implementation of the backbone 'Sentinel Asia' data dissemination system and associated Nodes, to showcase the value and impact of the technology using standard internet dissemination systems (2006 - 2007)
STEP 2: Expansion of the dissemination backbone with new Satellite Communication Systems (2008 - 2012)
STEP 3: Establishment of a comprehensive "Disaster Management Support System" in Asia-Pacific region (2013 and onwards)

The meeting of Data Provider Nodes (space agencies) was held on STEP3 30th of August in Bangkok, Thailand. ADRC participated in this meeting on the behalf of disaster organizations and introduced disaster organizations' needs on emergency observations to space agencies.

Thereafter, the participants discussed the basic policy of Sentinel Asia Step3. Main topics were; 1)broaden the use of satellite data in the whole disaster management process, especially disaster preparedness and disaster recovery 2)improve the accuracy of satellite data by new facilities such as ALOS2, 3)strengthen the capacity building.

(2012/08/30 13:00)

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