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Activity Report

Forum and research on Sichuan Earthquake Recovery

14-16 May, 2012 (Sichuan Province, China)

The Forum on "Successful Reconstruction - Looking into the Future - A Discussion on Disaster Reconstruction and Development Strategy in the Beichuan Earthquake Ruin Area" was organized by Sichuan University and IRP/ADRC on 14th May in Chengdu, Sichuan. It was almost 4 years after the Sichuan Earthquake(12th May 2008). More than 50 delegates from abroad, government and academe participated in the forum and had a fruitful discussion on the post disaster recovery issues including establishment of new Beichuan Earthquake Museum and mechanism for promoting international cooperation based on the lessons from the Sichuan Earthquake.
After the forum, the IRP/ADRC team visited disaster affected sites to understand the recovery process during the past 4 years. In particular, the team visited (i) the Beichuan Earthquake Museum construction site, (ii) Shiyi village located in a high mountainous area of Qiang autonomous region, (iii) Jina village, which is famous for its ethnic style reconstruction houses, (iv) New Beichuan Town, which is a  relocation case from disaster affected old town, and (v) other towns and villages.
Based on the findings from the field survey and interviews, IRP/ADRC will compile a report on good practices on recovery from the Earthquake.

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(2012/05/29 14:00)

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