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Activity Report

Discussions on Recovery Planning


28-30 November 2011 (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Over thirty nine government officials and representatives from civil society organizations, who are engaged in long-term recovery, participated in the discussions on recovery planning organized by the Government of Pakistan, UNISDR, and UNDP with IRP contributing the key resource persons. The three-day event was held at Hotel Best Western, Islamabad, Pakistan from 28-30 November 2011.

The discussions facilitated the sharing of knowledge and experience on recovery planning with the intention to further enhance capacities and enrich the recovery planning process before and after large scale disaster. Additionally, the discussions were organized to provide an avenue for participants to discuss different recovery issues and reflect on wide array of options and examples from global experiences. Towards the end of the event, recommendations drawn from the group discussions were fine-tuned through comments from other participants and experts from IRP member organizations.

As way forward, NDMA Pakistan, UNDP, and UNISDR are exploring the best way to forward this type of learning event down to the district and village levels. NDMA, in partnership with other development organizations, can serve as focal for dissemination of training on recovery planning at national and local governments as well as other relevant organizations. IRP welcomes opportunity to assist NDMA in this endeavor.

(2012/01/17 14:00)

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