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Activity Report

Jakarta International Defense Dialogue (JIDD)

23-25 March 2011 (Jakarta, Indonesia)


The Jakarta International Defense Dialogue (JIDD), hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and organized by the Indonesian Defense University, was held at Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. The core objective of the Dialogue was the promotion of intergovernmental cooperation to meet common threats such as disaster and terrorism, and explore disaster management and counterterrorism measures.  

About one thousand participants from different countries and agencies gathered for this event. Among the countries represented were Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, United States. Some European countries and agencies of United Nations were also represented. ADRC, represented by Senior Administrative Manager Mr. Masataka Onishi, presented the Emergency Response System in Japan. Mr.Onishi highlighted the disaster management system as well as  outlined the impact of the tsunami that flattened many towns and communities situated at the Pacific coast of Tohoku region caused by "Great Eastern Japan Earthquake" of March 11, 2011. How the Japanese central and local governments have been responding to the disaster was emphasized in the presentation. Many of the participants showed deep condolence for the victims of the disaster and some briskly asked questions about sharing of responsibilities among central and local governments in disaster response.


 (2011/03/26 19:20)

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