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Activity Report

Project on Transfer of Disaster Management Measures of Japan to Enhance DRR Capacity in Asia 2010

1-9, 18-22, December, 2010

Through many of natural disasters experiences, Japan has accumulated knowledge of dealing with disasters and developed its expertise together with advanced policies and technologies in the area of disaster risk reduction. This unique experience provides Japan with many valuable knowledge and expertise that it must now endeavor to share effectively with other members of the international community. From this point of view, this project is launched by the Cabinet Office of Japanese Government last year. Mongolia and Indonesia were selected as target countries of the FY2010 project. The ADRC dispatched mission teams to those two countries to discuss the details of the project activities, including determination of the work schedule.

 On 1-9 December 2010, the ADRC team visited Mongolia and conducted preliminary survey for the proposed project activities on earthquake disaster education. The team visited National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), two target schools to conduct disaster drill, and other related organizations. Through discussion, the ADRC and NEMA agreed to have pre-training course in Japan at the end of January 2011, and to have workshop of earthquake disaster education in the middle of February 2011. 

On 19-22 December 2010, the ADRC team visited Indonesia to learn detailed ideas on the promotion of disaster education to mass media, the project theme proposed by Indonesia. They concerns mass media casualties caused by pyroclastic flows of Mt. Merapi eruption, and inadequate Tsunami early warning information distribution. The team visited the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB) and The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and interviewed some mass media. Through the discussion, the ADRC and BNPB agreed to have training course in Japan and workshop in Jakarta in February or March 2011. Also, we agreed to conduct survey on mass media's awareness on natural disaster before the workshop.

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