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Activity Report: Feb. 2009

28 February - 19 March 2009 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) started the survey to formulate the comprehensive support program for Bangladesh where it has suffered many natural hazards. The program may include some yes-loan-financed projects. The survey focuses on water management including flood and cyclone and earthquake management as a sub-sector. Based on the survey, some projects which require urgent implementations would be considered and formulated when necessarily. The duration of the survey mission in Bangladesh is from 28th Feb to 19th March. Koji Suzuki, Executive Director of Asian Disaster Reduction Center participated in the survey mission. The mission visited the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management that is the Bangladesh counterpart government organization of Asian Disaster Reduction Center and Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center that Asian Disaster Reduction Center has long been working with. The mission had meetings at Ministry of Water Resource, Dhaka Geophysical Observatory, Dhaka Fire Brigade, BRAC University, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, UNDP and ADB. It also made some filed surveys on construction sites in Dhaka guided by Public Works Department and some river sites.

(2009/03/12 13:10)

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