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ADRC workshop in BOSAI KOKUTAI 2022



From the standpoint of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), many foreign residents in Japan, especially in Kobe, have been engaging in some ways in ADRC programs and activities. These individuals include visiting researchers from Asian countries, foreign students, training participants, interns, friends, and acquaintances of ADRC staffers who recognize that the disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) practices in Japan are different from their respective home countries. Considering this, it may be challenging for local governments in Japan to communicate DRRM practices to foreign residents. Against this backdrop, ADRC takes the opportunity of organizing this workshop as a side event at the “BOSAI KOKUTAI 2022” to promote sharing and utilization of disaster information.


The workshop aims to achieve the following objectives:
1) To share information on how foreign residents in Japan can participate in various local disaster prevention activities
2) To share experiences of foreign residents in Japan on disaster preparedness and its actual application during a disaster event
3) To present and discuss the outcomes of ADRC online survey among past and present foreign residents in Japan that looks into the differences in DRRM practices, and explore greater cooperation by understanding the differences


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