Report on the Nabire Earthquake on 26 November 2004
By Mr. Rachman Sobarna
Researcher, Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation
Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Indonesia
1. Earthquake in Nabire on 26 November 2004
Nabire is situated in Papua (eastern part of Indonesia). The original residents are known as Irianese (Irian ethnic). On Friday 26 November 2004, this area was hit by an earthquake with magnitude around 6.4 on the Richter scale, those made some people die and trees fall down and panic situation following fires in some places.

Update data stated 29 people died, 43 severely injured, 155 lightly injured. Many people are living in shelters around the field. They have other problems of malaria and respiratory disease due to ash and dust produced from shocks of earthquakes. The data show that about hundreds of victims hit by malaria diseases and tens of respiratory disease. About 3,000 people left from the affected area after the earthquake because aftershocks are still going on.

The disaster keeps residents fear and traumatic more over because there are repeated aftershocks following the earthquake on 26 November 2004. So many buildings have not been improved yet then broken again. (The casualties are attached below.)

2. Earthquake in Nabire in 2004 (before the earthquake on 26 November 2004)
  • @6 February 2004 magnitude M = 6.9 Richter scale causing 34 people died, 28 severely injured, 51 slightly injured
  • @11 February 2004 M = 5.1 Richter Scale causing 3 people died
  • @10 April 2004 M = 4 Richter Scale, no victim
Active fault has triggered earthquakes. Tectonic setting of Papua Island is in triple junction that lies between subduction zone of Asia, Australia and Atlantic plate, still active.

3. Three Photos below showing Nabire after the earthquake on 26 November 2004
3 Photos below showing Nabire after earthquake:
(Please click to enlarge.)