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Activity Report

The 10th APEC Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum, held 8-9 October Iquitos, Peru

8-9 October 2016 (Iquitos, Peru)

The 10th APEC Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum (SDMOF) was held in Iquitos, Peru on 8th and 9th, October 2016. As one of the co-chairs of EPWG, ED of ADRC attended the meetings and the APEC Workshop organised by FEMA on Strengthening Public Alert and Early Warning Capacity on 6th and 7th October, prior to the SDMOF. 

The meeting, hosted by National Institute of Civil Defense,INDIECI Peru was opened by the Honorable Mr. Alberto Manuel Lozada Frias, Head of  INDECI, and Mrs. Adela Esmeralda Jimenez, Provincial Municipality of Maynas. The meeting focused on "Emergency Preparedness for Supply Chain and Emergency Food Security" as the theme and explored the issue of food delivery targeting, in particular, at the poor in emergency, effective public-private collaboration for this purpose, and policy challenges throughout four sessions. 

The forum was attended by senior disaster management officials and delegates of Australia, China, Japan, Peru, Philippines, Chinese Taipei, United States and Viet Nam as well as representatives from ABAC and other relevant organizations. From Japan, Mr.Yasuyuki Ishii, Policy Advisor,Disaster Management Bureau Cabinet Office, made a presentation on the experience of Kumamoto earthquakes in April 2016 by highlighting the support initiated by the national government facilitating emergency relief activities by the affected local governments facing difficulties in immediately procuring the necessary supplies by themselves and arranging the transportation.

Participants of SDMOF welcomed the draft Action Plan that EPWG had been discussing, as instructed by APEC leaders in 2015 as guidance for implementation of the APEC Disaster Risk Reduction Framework (DRRF) .The Action Plan, as a living document will be discussed and updated as needed.
(2016/10/8 12:30)


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