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Japan: Typhoon: 1999/09 Country Information on DRR

Period 1999/09
Country or District Japan
Event Type Typhoon
Outline The number of the dead by large typhoon named No.18 is 22 in Japan. The maximum instantaneous wind speed is 35 meters per second.The number of flooded houses above floor level is 418, that below floor level is 1779.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
The Fire Defense Agency Report
28 killed, 66 heavily injured and 755 slightly injured Full damaged 274, halfly damaged 1420 and and partially damaged 49052 inundation above floor level 4538 and inundation below floor 9341
Jiji Press, Ltd. 1999/09/24 14:04
24 killed, 1 missing and 65 injured

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Mainichi News 1999/09/29
In Kagoshima, wind was at a speed of 83.9 meters per second.

Nishinihon News 1999/09/28
Agricultural damage becomes 2.93 million Yen in four Prefectures Hukuoka, Nagasaki and Kumamoto and Kagoshima.

Cyugoku News 1999/09/29
The amount of damage in Hiroshima becomes more than 7 billion Yen.

Mainichi News 1999/09/25 18:42
Typhoon18 went ashore in Hokkaido on the morning of 25 September. After that,typhoon18 went to the Sea of Okhotsk, and changed into extratropical cyclone in the noon. 27 persons were dead ,and 2 persons are missing.

Mainichi News 1999/09/24 21:52
The number of the dead by typhoon18 becomes 26. That of the injured becomes 438.This number includes 315 people who were injured by tornado happened in Aichi.

Jiji Press, Ltd. 1999/09/24 13:04

Jiji Press, Ltd. 1999/09/24 12:47
Air route in Western Japan was cut by typhoon18. In Kyusyu and Cyugoku, at more than million houses the power supply was cut off.

Jiji Press, Ltd. 1999/09/24 14:04
Casualties and missing number are 25, the injured number is 65. 30 prefectures are damaged to buildings in Japan.

The Fire Defense Agency Report 1999/09/24
damage situation by heavy rains from 21 Sep. including Typhoon 18

Mainichi News 1999/09/24 11:45
Temple Ithukusima, which is world cultural heritage, were damaged by tyhoon18.

Mainichi News 1999/09/24 15:12
A crane at factory in Hiroshima was fallen by typhoon18, so 3 employees who had been in the office near the crane were killed.

Mainichi News 1999/9/24