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Japan: Typhoon: 2003/08/08 Country Information on DRR

Period 2003/08/08
Country or District Japan
Event Type Typhoon
Outline On 8 August 2003 Typhoon hit the Japan. Typhoon has reportedly killed people in Kochi. Many people are evacuated in Japan.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Situation Report by Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Japan (as of August 11)
10 Dead
10 Missing
18 Seriously Injured
72 Slightly injured
Totally collapsed - 9 houses
Half collapsed - 14 houses
Inundated above floor - 367 houses
BBC news 2003/08/11
Dead: at least 7 people
Missing: at least 10 people
Injured: 79 people

Flooded: more than 700 homes

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Situation Report by Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Japan
Situation Report on the damage caused by Typhoon (as of August 11) (Japanese only)

BBC news 2003/08/11
A typhoon sweeping across Japan has left at least seven dead and at least 10 people missing.

Yahoo News 2003/08/09
Tropical storm Etau leaves four deaths, eleven missing, and 77 injuries in Japan. (Japanese) 2003/08/08
Destroyed 10 houses, landslides or damaged rode 80

Yahoo! Japan news 2003/08/08
Killed people in Kochi, Okayama and Mie.