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Japan: Earthquake: 2003/05/26 Country Information on DRR

Period 2003/05/26
Country or District Japan
Event Type Earthquake
Outline At 6.24 p.m. (0924 GMT) on Monday, May 26, 2003, a strong earthquake, estimated magnitude 7.0, hit northern Japan near the city of Sendai.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Disaster Situation Report (as of May 28)
Injury 143 (Heavy Injury 10, Minor Injury 133) Partially Damaged Houses 366 (Miyagi pref. 237, Fukushima pref. 65, Iwate pref. 63, Yamagata pref. 1) / Fire Outbreak 4 Water supply cut off 2,139 household / Gas supply cut off 2,800 household / Interruption of train service 6 railway line

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Source Process of Recent Large Earthquakes
Preliminary Results of Rupture Process for May 27 2003 Near East coast of Honshu, Japan (Dr. Yuji YAGI, Research Scientist, International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering)

Fire and Disaster Management Agency, JAPAN
Report on the earthquake off the coast of Miyagi prefecture on May 26. (Japanese)

BBC news 2003/05/26
Officials in Japan say at least 90 people were injured in a powerful earthquake which hit the north-east of the country.

The Canadian Press 2003/05/26
A powerful earthquake rocked northeastern Japan on Monday, knocking out power, starting fires and disrupting road and rail traffic. At least 54 people were hurt, mostly with minor injuries caused by falling objects.

Reuters AlertNet 2003/05/26
Strong earthquake hits north Japan, shakes Tokyo.

Las Vegas SUN 2003/05/26
Strong Earthquake Shakes North Japan

jiji dot com 2003/05/26
At 18:24 (GMT09:24) on May 26, A strong earthquake, estimated magnitude of 7.0, hit northern Japan. According to the information by Japan Meteorological Agency, the epicenter is off the coast of Miyagi prefecture (depth 60 km).

Reuters News 2003/05/26
A strong earthquake hit northern Japan near the city of Sendai on Monday afternoon, public broadcaster NHK said, and buildings swayed in the capital Tokyo, 302 km (189 miles) to the south. National broadcaster NHK said the quake measured six on a Japanese scale of seven in some areas in the north, and seven on the open-ended Richter scale.

Geographycal Data

USGS National Eartuquake Information Center
Preliminary Earthquake Report


Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center (EDM)
Damage Situation (Photo) of the 26/5/2003 Miyagi-ken oki Earthquake (Japanese)

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Photo Gallery - Tohoku Earthquake

National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan
Analysis of the Earthquake in Miyagi on May 26 (Japanese only)

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