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Korea (the Republic of): Typhoon: 2002/08/31 Country Information on DRR

Period 2002/08/31
Country or District Korea (the Republic of)
Event Type Typhoon
Outline A typhoon Rusa killed at least 13 people,and 35 were missing in South Korea after record rainfall and powerful winds triggered floods and landslides and pulled down houses.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Reuters Alertnet 2002/09/03
Death toll :113 people
Missing:71 people
Cutting off by landslides :16,000 people
Affected farm land :114,592 hectares (287,877 acres)
Damage: $1 billion.

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OCHA Situation Report No.1 2002/09/03
Event and Impact

OCHA ReliefWeb 2002/09/03
AFP Report: Cable news television YTN said 219 people were feared dead or missing.

Reuters Alertnet 2002/09/03
S.Korea says typhoon leaves 113 dead, 71 missing

e-Taiwan 2002/09/03
South Korea typhoon leaves close to 200 dead or missing

BBC news 2002/09/03
Korean typhoon death toll rises

CNN mews 2002/09/02
Scores killed after typhoon slams Korea

AFP news 2002/09/02
Storm leaves close to 200 dead or missing in South Korea, scores more killed in North

The Star online 2002/09/02
South Korean flood victims clear mud from homes, 47 dead.Local media gave higher death tolls ranging from 132 to 181. State KBS-TV said 113 people were killed and 68 missingtere

CNN news 2002/09/01
S. Korea recovering from deadly typhoon

YahooAsia 2002/09/02
Typhoon Rusa leaves 48 dead and 33 missing in S.Korea

Typhoon Rusa hit the peninsula, causing extensive damage nationwide with 80 people said to be missing or dead. news 2002/09/01
Typhoon hits South Korea.The storm has left at least 42 people dead and 26 missing in flash floods and landslides.

Gurdian news 2002/09/01
S. Korea Typhoon Rusa Leaves 26 Dead

BBC news 2002/008/31
Typhoon triggers Korean landslides

BBC News 2002/08/31
At least 15 people are known to have died and 40 more are missing amid floods and landslides.

CNN News 2002/08/31
Typhoon Rusa heads for Korea

Yahoo asia News 2002/08/31
Typhoon Rusa forced the evacuation of more than 5,000 homes and left 668,000 houses without electricity in the south.

Urgent Report from Supporting Members of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center

Information posted by an ADRC counterpart in South Korea
Disaster Damage Report by Typhoon Rusa in S. Korea (Dr. Dugkeun Park, Senior Analyst, National Institute for Disaster Prevention, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)


collapsed houses


BBC news 2002/09/01
In pictures: South Korea typhoon