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Japan : Heavy Snow : 2014/02/08

GLIDE:  CW-2014-000016-JPN

Duration 2014/02/08
Country or District Japan
Name Heavy Snow
Outline Heavy snow and severe weather struck Tokyo and other areas across Japan on 8 February 2014, leaving five dead and more than 600 injured.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Cabinet Office 2014/02/10
Killed: 49
Seriously injured: 306
Slightly injured: 657
Half collapsed houses: 1
Partially collapsed houses: 18
Inundation houses below floor level: 8
Nonresidential buildings: 40

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Cabinet Office 2014/02/10
Report of Cabinet Office No.5 as of 17:00, 10 February 2014 (accumulated figures for this season)

The Japan Times 2014/02/08
More than 740 flights were grounded as the weather agency issued a severe storm warning for the capital, while more than 40,000 households lost power.