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Japan: Volcano: 2000/06/26 Country Information on DRR

Period 2000/06/26
Country or District Japan
Event Type Volcano
Outline On August 18, 2000, the Mt. Oyama Volcano, Miyake Island 180 kilometers south of Tokyo experienced its largest eruption in 17 years. Rocks and smoke shot about 8,000 m into the air and the island has been covered with volcanic ash in various areas, which forced residents to flee. On August 28, Mt. Oyama erupted on the second largest scale since June. It is reported the deposits of volcanic ash were 15 cm at the thickest point. Though no serious damage has been reported so far, Tokyo municipal government ordered the evacuation of the entire population of Miyake Island, prompting warnings that heavy rains could set off mudslides. By September 4, the due date of the evacuation, nearly 3,000 residents had evacuated to the shelter in Shibuya, Tokyo and others. The experts told the eruption of this time is very rare case in the volcanic studies, it would be very hard to make prediction.
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