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Myanmar: Tropical Cyclone: 2008/05/02 Country Information on DRR

Period 2008/05/02
Country or District Myanmar
Event Type Tropical Cyclone
Outline A tropical cyclone has killed at least 22,500 people in Myanmar and 41,000 people are missing.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
ASEAN 2008/06/24
Dead: 84,537
Missing: 53,836
Injured: 19,359
OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/20
Dead & Missing: no change in the figures
Affected: 2,400,000
OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/17
Dead: 77,738
Missing: 55,917
Injured: 19,359
OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/16
Dead: 78,000
Missing: 56,000
Affected: 975,858
OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/13
Dead: 31,938
Missing: 29,770
Affected: 1,500,000 (975,858 in the eight most seriously hit townships)
OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/12
Dead: 28,458
Missing: 33,416
Affected: 975,858
Reuters AlertNet 2008/05/11
Affected: 1.2 million - 1.9 million
Dead: 63,290 - 101,682
Missing: 220,000
Reuters AlerNet 2008/05/07
Dead: 22,980
Missing: 42,119
Injured: 1,383
Reuters AlerNet 2008/05/07
Dead: Nearly 22,500
Missing: 41,000

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ASEAN 2008/06/24
According to Myanmar Government figures, the death toll now stands at 84,537, with 53,836 people missing and 19,359 people injured.

Reuters AlertNet 2008/06/24
The official death toll from the May 2 disaster had risen to 84,537 from a previous figure of 77,738. The number of missing fell to 53,836 from 55,917 announced by the government in its last casualty update on May 16

OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/20
Situation Report No.16

OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/17
Situation Report No.13

OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/16
Situation Report No.12

OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/13
Situtation Report No.9

OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/12
OCHA Situation Report No. 8

Reuters AlertNet 2008/05/11
The number of deaths could range from 63,290 to 101,682, and 220,000 people are reported to missing.

Reuters AlerNet 2008/05/07
State Myanmar radio and television reported a death toll of 22,980 with 42,119 missing and 1,383 injured in the cyclone.

Reuters AlerNet 2008/05/07
Myanmar's military government raised its death toll from Cyclone Nargis on Tuesday to nearly 22,500 with another 41,000 missing.

Reuters AlerNet 2008/05/06
A powerful cyclone that slammed into Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta triggered a massive wave that gave people nowhere to run, killing at least 15,000 and leaving 30,000 others missing, officials said on Tuesday.

VOA news 2008/05/04
Officials in Burma say more than 240 people have been killed by a powerful tropical cyclone that slammed into the Irrawaddy delta and the country\'s main city, Rangoon.

BBC news 2008/05/04
A tropical cyclone has killed at least 243 people in Burma and damaged thousands of buildings, according to state television.

Reuters Alert Net 2008/05/04

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OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/17
Situation Map (pdf) 2008/05/17 (as of 17 May 2008)

OCHA ReliefWeb 2008/05/11
Situation Map (pdf) (as of 11 May 2008)

OCHA 2008/05/06
Myanmar: Tropical Cyclone Nargis as of 5 May 2008

GDACS 2008/05/03
Information of Tropical cyclone NARGIS-08

[ERI Emergency Relief Information]

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
(PDF file)The MRCS network covers the country with key branches in the most affected areas. Its own human resources include 17,800 first aid staff, 46 people who can provide psychosocial support (PSP), 95 people with water safety skills such as lifesaving, and 1,230 members under the disaster action response team (DART) trained in assessment and relief activities.


International Charter 2008/05/04
Cyclone in Myanmar

JAXA 2008/05/09
Flood by Cyclone Nargis, May 2008, Myanmar Satellite images on 28 March and 6 May 2008