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FY2007 Annual Report

Annual Report

1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1-1. Background to the Establishment of the ADRC

1-2. Composition

1-3. Activities

1-3-1. Basic Activities

1-3-2. Past Activities

2. Information Collection and Offer

2-1. International Conferences

2-1-1. The Asian Conference on Disaster reduction(ADRC) 2007

2-1-2. Workshop with SAARC Member Countries

2-1-3. Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction in the Pacific Islands

2-2. Total Disaster Risk Management-Good Practices 2007

2-2-1. Purpose

2-2-2. Contents

2-3 .Collection of Information

2-3-1. Methodology

2-3-2. Collection of Information from Member Countries

2-4. Information on Disaster Management Systems

2-4-1. Scope of Information

2-4-2. Collection of Basic Information for Spread and Enlightenment of the Knowledge on Disaster Reduction

2-4-3. Projects for Spread and Enlightenment of the Knowledge on Disaster Reduction on Total Disaster Reduction management

2-4-4. Regarding ADRC Member Country Profiles

2-4-5. A Way Forward

2-5. Internet-based Information Sharing

2-5-1. ADRC's Website

2-5-2. Latest Disaster Information Database

2-5-3. ADRC Newsletter:ADRC Highlights

2-5-4. Multilanguage Glossary on Disaster Reduction

2-6. Framework of Natural Disaster Databases

2-6-1. Current Situation of Disaster Information Sharing

2-6-2. Data Book on Asia Natural Disaster 2006

2-6-3. Current Situation of “GLIDE”

2-7. Disaster Management Internet GIS

2-7-1. Objective of Disaster Management Internet GIS

2-7-2. Toward Wider Use of Disaster management Internet GIS

2-8. Disaster Analysis Based on Satellite Information

2-9. Promotion of “Sentinel Asia” project

2-10. Disaster Management Exhibition

3. Human Resource Develpment

3-1 Activities of Disaster Reduction

3-1-1. JICA Disaster management Training Course for Central Asia and the Caucasus

3-1-2. JICA Training Course “Disaster Prevention Education in Schools”

3-1-3. JICA Seminar for Comprehensive Disaster Risk management

3-1-4. JICA Training “Strengthening the Disaster Coordination System” for Istanbul

3-1-5. JICA Training “Strengthening Disaster Management Capacity of Municipalities

3-1-6. Workshop on the “Training of Trainers on the Community-Based Hazard Map Development “In Chennai, India”

3-2. Human Resource Development and Information Networking on Visiting Researcher

3-2-1. Activities of Visiting Researchers in 2007

3-2-2. Promotion of Networking of Past Visiting Researchers

3-3. Visitors to ADRC

4. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs

4-1. Cooperative Projects with Member Countries

4-1-1. Cooperative Projects with Member Countries

4-1-2. Urban Search-and-Rescue Training in Singapore

4-1-3. Table:List of Past Cooperative Project

4-1-4. Formulation of Disaster Education Program for the Children in Tsunami-Affected Countries

4-2. Establishment of Regional Networks in Asia

4-2-1. Establishment of Institutional and Human Networks

4-2-2. Submission of Emergency Disaster Information

4-2-3. Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network

4-3. Meeting of ADRC Member Countries and its Follow-up Activities

4-3-1. Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2007

4-3-2. Follow-up Activities

4-4. Information Collection of Institutes and International Conference on Disaster Reduction

4-5. The Study on the Reviewing Methodology on the Implementation of HFA

4-6. Support to Member Countries’ efforts for Development of National Strategy for Disaster Reduction

4-6-1. SAARC

4-6-2. Indonesia

4-6-3. Sri Lanka

5. Supporting on the HFA Implementation in Asian Region

5-1. Enhancement of Community Risk Awareness using the Methodology of hazard mapping for the Construction of EWS and Disaster Response

5-2. SDissemination of Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness Model Programme

5-2-1. Background

5-2-2. Problem-statement

5-2-3. Purpose of the Programme

5-2-4. Description of Outputs and Activities

5-2-5. Project implementation Strategy

7. Establishment of the International Recovery Platfoam(IRP) and its activities

7-1. The Establishment of the IRP and its background

7-2. The Governance Strcture of IRP

7-3. Activities of IRP in 2006

7-3-1. IRP Side Event in the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

7-3-2. Regional Recovery Forum at the Second Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

7-3-3. Organizing a Session at the Second Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management

7-3-4. International Recovery Forum-Capacity Development for Better Recovery

7-3-5. Development of Database on Good Practices & Lessons on Recovery and its Utilization

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