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FY2003 Annual Report

Annual Report

1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1-1. Background for the Establishment of the ADRC

1-2. Organization

1-3. Policy and Past Activities

1-3-1. Policy

1-3-2. Past Activities

3. Information Management on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reductuion

3-1. Policy and Methods

3-1-1. Policy

3-1-2. Collecting Information from Member Countries

3-2. Information on Disaster Management Systems

3-2-1. Scope of Information

3-2-2. Level of Information Source

3-2-3. Methods of Collecting Information

3-2-4. Future Tasks

3-3. Framework of the Natural Disaster Database

3-3-1. Current Situation of Disaster Information Sharing

3-3-2. Asia Natural Disaster Data Book in the 20th Century

3-3-3. "GLIDE" proposed by ADRC

3-4. Disaster Management Exhibition

3-4-1. Necessity of Disaster Technology Database

3-4-2. Virtual Internet Exhibition of Disaster Reduction Technologies

3-5. Internet GIS

3-5-1. Objectives

3-5-2. Development of "VENTEN"

3-6. Disaster Analysis Based on Satellite Information

4. Promoting Cooperation in Disaster Reduction

4-1. Cooperation with the United Nations

4-1-1. Collaboration with UN/ISDR

4-1-2. Collaboration with UN/OCHA Kobe

4-1-3. Collaboration with UNECO

4-1-4. Collaboration with UNU

4-1-5. Collaboration with UN/ESCAP

4-1-6. Collaboration with WMO

4-1-7. Collaboration with WHO/WPRO

4-2. Cooperative Projects with ADRC Member Countries

4-2-1. Training Workshop for Combodia Provincial Committee for Disaster Management

4-2-2. Disaster Prevention Investigation Mission in Sri Lanka

4-2-3. SUMA Projects in the Phillippines

4-2-4. Flood Management Training in Vietnam

4-2-5. Urban Search-and-Rescue Training in Singapore

4-2-6. Earthquake Disaster Management Seminar in Mongolia

4-3. Promoting Coporate Disaster Management

4-3-1 Trends in Business-Sector Commitment to Disaster Prevention in Japan

4-3-2. Japanise Enterprises in Asian Countries and their Commitment to Local Disaster Prevention Activities

4-3-3. Model Cases of Business Sector Commitment to Disaster Prevention Activities in Asia

4-3-4. Business Sector Commitment to Disaster Reduction and Risk Management

5. Training and Raising Public Awareness

5-1. Training Programs by ADRC

5-1-1. JICA Seminar on Disaster Management

5-1-2. JICA Training in Turkey

5-2. Thematic Sessions

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