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FY2002 Annual Report


he Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) will soon mark the fifth anniversary of its establishment in July 1998 and the time has come to publish its 5th Annual Report.

Over this brief period of time, ADRC has enthusiastically pursued its activities with the support of member countries, advisor countries, the Japanese government, Hyogo prefecture and many others. These activities include providing disaster reduction information over the Internet, hosting five annual ADRC International Meetings, welcoming fifteen researchers from the member countries for the research program, imparting disaster management education and training, and promoting cooperative disaster reduction projects with member countries.

ADRC has also been working closely with the United Nations, in particular, with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Kobe with whom the center has been promoting a number of joint projects. One such project was to open a local office in Kobe of their ReliefWeb information operation unit in 2001, which strengthened ADRC’s function as a center to provide disaster information to the world. As another major step, ADRC was appointed to the Inter-Agency Task Force of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) in April 2002. ADRC since then plays an even greater role in reducing the damage from natural disasters in the Asian region as it strives to attain sustainable development.

In these times where NGOs are playing an increasingly more important role in disaster reduction and response, ADRC established, in cooperation with OCHA Kobe, a network providing support in building the base for international cooperation among NGOs.

Natural disasters are increasing year by year for various reasons including urbanization, growing population, environmental degradation and climate change. ADRC will continue to develop constructive activities to ensure Asia safe and sustainable in the 21st century.
I, as the Chairman of ADRC, would appreciate your continued support and guidance to ADRC.

Shigeru Itoh
Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center

Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1-1. Background for the Establishment of the ADRC

1-2. Organization

1-3. Policy and Past Activities

1-3-1. Policy

1-3-2. Past Activities

2. Establishment of Network in the Asian Region

2-1. Establishment of Human Network

2-1-1. Expanding membership of ADRC

2-1-2. Countries Visited by ADRC

2-1-3. Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2003

2-1-4. Visiting Researchers from Member Countries

2-1-5. Collaboration with International Organizations and Initiatives

2-2. Regional Workshop – Total Disaster Risk Management

2-2-1. Purpose

2-2-2. Contents

2-3. Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN)

2-3-1. Background

2-3-2. ADRRN Web Forum

2-4. ADRC's Network of Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Management

2-4-1. Configuration and Hardware

2-4-2. ADRC's Website

2-4-3. Latest Disaster Information Database

2-4-4. Multilanguage Disaster Reduction Glossary

2-4-5. ADRC Highlight

3. Accumulation and Provision of Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction

3-1. Policy and Methods

3-1-1. Policies on Accumulation

3-1-2. Collecting Information from Member Countries

3-2. Information on Disaster Management Systems

3-2-1. Scope of Information

3-2-2. Level of Information Source

3-2-3. Information Accumulation Methods

3-2-4. Future Tasks

3-3. Construction of the Natural Disaster Database

3-3-1. Current Situation of Disaster Information Sharing

3-3-2. Asia Natural Disaster Data Book in the 20th Century

3-3-3. Proposal by the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (GLIDE Project)

3-4. Disaster Management Exhibition

3-4-1. Why a Disaster Technology Database is Necessary?

3-4-2. Virtual Internet Exhibition of Disaster Reduction Technologies

3-4-3. Classification of Disaster Reduction Technologies

3-5. Internet GIS

3-5-1. Objectives of Internet GIS for Disaster Reduction Management

3-5-2. Development of "VENTEN (Vehicle through Electronic Network of disasTer gEographical informatioN)"

3-6. Disaster Analysis Based on Satellite Information

4. Promotion of Cooperation in Disaster Reduction

4-1. Cooperation with the United Nations

4-1-1. Cooperative Projects between UN OCHA Kobe and ADRC

4-1-2. Collaboration with ISDR

4-2. Cooperative Projects with Member Countries

4-2-1. Urban Search-and-Rescue Training in Singapore

4-2-2. Improvement of Early Warning System and Responses Seminar in Bangladesh

4-2-3. Disaster Reduction Training for Media Staff in Laos

5. Training and Raising Public Awareness

Training and Raising Public Awareness

5-1. Training Programs by ADRC

5-1-1. JICA Seminar on Disaster Management

5-2. Lectures by ADRC

5-3. Evacuation Plan in a Tsunami Disaster

6. Public Relations

Public Relations

6-1. Promotion through the Mass Media

6-2. Participation in International Conferences

6-3. Participations to Various Disaster Reduction Fairs

6-4. Lectures/Symposiums

6-5. Articles

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