Asian Disaster Reduction Center(ADRC)

Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2017:Photo

2-3 October 2017, Baku, Azerbaijan

Group photo

Group photo

Day 1: 2nd October 2017

1.Visit to the Honorary Avenue and the Martyrs 'Avenue and Honorary Avenue

1-1:Grave of the National Leader
1-2:Prof. Hamada and Mr. Maekawa
1-3:Eternal Torch
1-4:Delegates at the Martyrs'Avenue

2.Opening & special report

2-2:Opening Remarks by Professor Masanori Hamada, Chairman, ADRC
2-3:Welcome Remarks: H.E.Mr. Kamaladdin Heydarov, MES, Azerbaijan
2-4:Opening Remarks: H.E.Mr. Mamoru Maekawa, Vice Minister, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
2-5:Remarks by UNISDR: Mr. Timothy Colin Wilcox, Programme Management Officer UNISDR Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
2-6 Special report by Mr. Jalil Guliyev, Head, Organization of Rescue Work Department,MES

3. Session 1: Implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR --- Develop national and local DRR strategies

3-1:Session 1 Co-chairs: Ms. Setsuko Saya, Director, Cabinet Office, Japan and Mr. Elshad Huseynov, Head of the Main Department for Emergency Response, MES, Azerbaijan
3-2:Kazakhstan H.E.Mr. Yuriy Ilin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs
3-3:Nepal Mr. Chakra Pani Pandey, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
3-4:Cambodia H.E.Mr. Sobann Ross, Deputy Secretary General, National Committee for Disaster Management, Council of Ministers
3-5:Azerbaijan Dr. Rashad Gasimzada, Head of International Cooperation Division, International Relations Department, MES
3-6:UNISDR Mr. Timothy Colin Wilcox, UNISDR Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
3-7:Viet Nam Mr. Quan Ton Nguyen, Engineer of Hydraulic Construction, VNDMA
3-8:Malaysia Mr. Zainal Azman Bin Abu Seman, Deputy Director General, NADMA

Day 2: 3rd October

4. Session 2: Effective Emergency Response to Survive Mega Disasters

4-1:Session Co-chairs: Ms. Rupasinghe, Sri Lanka and Mr. Maqbool, ADPC Co-chairs: Ms. Jayasirige Sandya Sepali Rupasinghe, Director (Planning), Ministry of Disaster Management, Sri Lanka Mr. Irfan Maqbool, Director, Risk Governance Department, ADPC
4-2:Mr. Alasgar Aliyev, Deputy Head ,Main Operations Department, MES,Azerbaijan
4-3:Mr. Sabir Ahmadov, Chief Officer, International Department, MES,Azerbaijan
4-4:Mr. Suporn Ratananakin, Disaster Specialist, DDPM,Thailand
4-5:Mr. Kumar Akhmatov, Chief, State Rescue Training Center, MES, Kyrgys Republic
4-6:Mr. Irfan Maqbool, Director, Risk Governance Department, ADPC

5. Session 3: Advanced Technologies Facilitating DRR and CCA

5-1:Session Chair Dr. Manzul Kumar Hazarika, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Ms. Jae Eun Kim,Deputy Director,Disaster Management Policy Division, Ministry of the Interior and Safety,Republic of Korea
5-2:Prof.Hiroshi Fukuoka, Niigata University
5-3:Mr.Tshewang Dorji, District Disaster Management Officer, DDM, Bhutan
5-4:Mr.Takanori Miyoshi, Administrator, Space Applications and Operations Center, JAXA
5-5:Dr.Tsugito NAGANO, Deputy Manager, Business Development Division, Solution Service Department,RESTEC

6. ADRC Steering Committee

6-1:Steering Committee

7. Closing

7-1: Mr.Tayar Deputy head of construction safety Agency,MES
7-2: Towards AMCDRR2018 Mr. Badral Tuvshin, Chief/Major General, National Emergency Management Agency, Mongolia
7-3: Closing remarks: Prof.Masanori Hamada, chairman, ADRC


8-1:H.E.Mr. Heydarov, H.E.Mr. Maekawa, and Prof.Hamada
8-2:Prof.Hamada during interviews
8-3:Day 1 lunch time discussion
8-4:Day1 Dinner hosted by ME
8-5:Azeri traditional music and dance
8-6:Banner of the ACDR2017
8-7:ADRC poster on the Kumamoto visit 2017