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United States of America (the): Cold Wave: 2022/12/22 Country Information on DRR

Period 2022/12/22
Country or District United States of America (the)
Event Type Cold Wave
Outline Heavy snowfall and very low temperatures have been affecting northern USA (particularly South Dakota) and the Pacific Northwest region (in particular Oregon, Washington and Idaho) since 22 December 2022, causing a number of severe weather-related incidents (in particular due to the snow) that have resulted in casualties and damage.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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CNN 2022/12/27
At least 56 storm-related deaths have been reported across several states.

CNN 2022/12/27
At least 27 people have died as a result of the storm in New York’s Erie County. At least 22 others across nine US states have been reported dead in the storm.

CNN 2022/12/23
The cold air and storm are affecting nearly every state in some way: More than 200 million people coast-to-coast were under winter-weather alerts for snow or icy conditions Thursday evening, the weather service said.