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Moldova (the Republic of): Landslide: 1999/05 Country Information on DRR

Period 1999/05
Country or District Moldova (the Republic of)
Event Type Landslide
Outline Melting of snow due to an unusual warm weather in the end of February - beginning of March 1999 and heavy spring rains have provoked a series of landslides in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Republic of Moldova OCHA (1999/06/11)
Families evacuated 320 Houses destroyed :251
Houses severely damaged :534
Roads destroyed :38.19km
Bridges damaged :16

Total surface affected 2947,7 hectares
Cities and towns affected 16
Villages and other settlements affected 218

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Republic of Moldova OCHA (1999/06/11)
Appeal for International Assistance

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Republic of Moldova OCHA (1999/06/11)
The Government of the Republic of Moldova addresses an appeal for humanitarian aid to rehabilitate the situation created in the country by the disastrous landslides. Total amount needed for rehabilitation and reconstruction purposes is estimated at 33 million Moldovan leis (approx. USD 3.14 mln). Mostly needed are construction materials as follows: Wood: 8000 cub. m Cement: 2500 tons Steel: 500 tons Steel tubes: 300 tons Roof materials: 60,000 sq. m Cables/aluminium: 200 tons Masonry materials: 4,800 cub. m Bricks: 480,000 units