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India : Floods : 2008/08/20

GLIDE:  FL-2008-000136-IND

Duration 2008/08/20
Country or District India
Name Floods
Outline Floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains left some 50,000 people homeless in India's remote northeast, officials said on Wednesday, warning of more rains in one of the country's most flood-prone regions.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
National Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home Affairs
Dead: 54
Affected: 3,065,000 (1704 villages in 16 districts)
Damaged houses: 283,797

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National Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home Affairs
Flood Situation Report of August 2008 2008/08/28
By 28 August 2008, 47 deaths had been reported, the government said. Another 2.6 million people in 1,600 villages have been affected. 2008/08/21
Heavy monsoon rains lashed northern India -- triggering floods, destroying mud huts and killing at least 74 people, officials said Thursday

Reuters AlerNet 2008/08/20
Floods force thousands to flee homes in India, Nepal